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On June 26, 2010 we are four staffs visited Bali Zoo not far from Ubud area!
Since i came to Bali at first time, I thought that it was not interesting to go to the zoo in Bali.I I like Bali Zoo car that has amazingly colourful design****Is there anyone who likes the same thing with me!? But on this report, do you know that the image of Bali Zoo has changed!!
You must be surprised!! See Yuko’s report♪


We arrived and welcomed by birds★

Getting down from Bali Zoo car and went to the park.
Something is waiting at the stairs………

Many colourful birds!!!

There are many birds here, we put the birds on the shoulder and took photos. Here you can take photos as many as you like. Take birds as many as you like(lol)
Of course i was afraid but, i took photos.


Viewed lions having meal then went into the park★

After welcomed by many beautiful birds, Now we arrived at a lion area!
Lion area is very large, and the lions looked strong.

It’s lion’s meal time!!
A keeper feed the lion by hanging some chicken meat on a rope.

And it’s time for us to relax at cafe!!
There is a free drink corner at this lion area. Softdrink,wine and other beverages are available. A small pizza and bread are also available on the table!!

I tried to feed the lion using the rope! The lions came to the meat and ate it.

After having a drink, then went into inside park!

We past the lion area and continued to go into inside the park! In this park,we felt like lost in the jungle and it was cool. I previously thought that many mosquitos in the park, but in fact no mosquito here.

Do you know what animal it is!?  It’s a pig! Black pig(babi hitam)

Why did these three people very interested in looking at this monkey??
This monkey has no tail.It’s Java Monkey!

At this area full of monkey’s noise, they made different noises, we felt the power of monkey!!


We found something interesting at the bird area!!

This area is bird park!

We can view various birds, beautiful white bird and colurful birds. There are bats on the ceiling.
You can also touch the birds, water to wash hands is available!

↓↓↓Why is a face sculpture made here…..!? Besides animals, you can also enjoy other interesting things!!


Introduction of other animals★

This 5-hectare park has collection of 350 kinds of animals.

This monkey is Japanese monkey!!
comes from far away, Japan ★

The tigers were relaxing. Here you can also touch this big bat!

There are many kinds of animals at the park!

It was exciting to see tiger ☆★

There is a free range area for bambi(small deer)and wallaby. Bambi has thin legs、it looks not balance with the body size. There is a place for relaxing, you can also relax with bambi.

There are still many exotic animals…….!!!

A cute sun bear, I loved to see it! A black panther!!


Lunch at a nice restaurant★

Before intoducing the restaurant……..The woman in white is Mrs.Trisna, she guided us at the park, friendly explained about animals.

Here is the restaurant!

The restaurant was bright and it has nice atmosphere.
In front of the restaurant, there is a pony ride for children.


 It’s lunch time★☆

This day, the lunch was buffet style,full of choices!!
(★It’s usually set menu) Fresh fruits and Balinese cakes are also available.

There is a big komodo near the restaurant!

A souvenir corner in the restaurant sells T-shirts, stuffed animals, stickers, etc.


Touch wild animals!★

At 1pm and 3pm is animal touch time!!
We can touch crocodiles, snakes, American bearcat and lion, we took photos with those animals!
But,the crocodile escaped…..
But it was catched at the pond near the restaurant, and continue to animal touch!(lol)

The crocodile ran away but it catched, I held it but i was scared if it raged!!

American bearcat!  A tame lion*


 Challenge tree walk on the tree★

I really wanted to try the activity, Tree Walk!!

Hanging on a rope through the green park, climbing the nett,i was so tired.
but, it was exciting!

We didn’t bring camera・・・only a few photos available.


After visiting the zoo….

We went to see Bali Zoo. It was really exciting!!

The zoo is full of green, it is like a jungle.I previously thought that i cannot touch the animals much.Tension always high (lol)
I joined tree top at the zoo, i was scared and getting a good sweat.

I mean……i was very tired but i could feel the nature, so i felt good!
We didn’t feel boring to spend the time at the zoo all day, i wanted to spend the time at the zoo longer…

The zoo in Bali is great!!
You can enjoy the park together with your family, friends or couple! Let’s go to Bali Zoo.

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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