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Sports Fishing Report By Maru | Bali marine sports

April 20th, 2012. I went to check out Sports Fishing by boat charter. This sports fishing by Serangan Surf School has 2 courses: Half Day and 1 Day (8 hours) plans! We chartered the boat for 1 day to get GT with a famous captain and fishing guide in Bali, Baco!

Check out by a male view! Fishing Report by Aya


Let’s Go on a Fishing Adventure!




We arrived at Seramgan in the early morning and got ready for the fishing adventure! A captain, Baco who has been my friend showed us fishing tackles that we could rent 1 set / $50.
Baco who is a famous captain and fishing guide in Bali and I went fishing in “Batuaba” few years ago. A profisherman was with us, so we could get 6GTs!!


Off to Nusa Penida from Serangan!

<Kaisar III>
Full Length: 34ft, Maximum Width: 8ft
Double Decks
3 Casting Rails (1 in the front, 2 in the back), Maximum 5 people can do casting at the same time.
Engine: SUZUKI 4 Cycle (175 hp×2)
Speed: 22 – 23 knots (Maximum 25 knots)

It also includes a toilet, a fish-finder and GPS.

A captain, Baco is going to guide us to the best fishing spots with the latest information!

From Flores Island, Indonesia. 11 years guiding experience!!!


Fishing crews, Made and Nick are getting ready for the fishing trip! The wave was bigger than we expected, so unfortunately, we had to cancel to visit “Batu Apa” in Lombok. Baco and the crews decided to take us to the recommended spot on that day!


The 1st point: Ceningan Casting Point, Ceningan Island. The crews threw the lure about 40-70m far! No strike yet!


The 2nd point: Batu Mandi Casting Point. Again, no strike yet even though we moved twice in the area.


The 3rd point: Pura Casting Point, Ceningan Island. The grews changes the lures, but still GT hasn’t showed up yet.

The 4th point: Mangrove Point. It is in the middle of Nusa Penida Island and Lembongan Island. We changed locations for 4 times in the area. Nick got a small fish at the depth of 25m near mangroves. We saw some traditional fishermen who was fishing with nets in a area someone got GT 2 weeks ago!

If you want to land the islands, please let them know in advence!


Made changed a lure again. Everytime a capltain, Baco saw fishies he moved the ship near the area and then when he moved the ship for 5 times…

The lure Made was holding got something!

His fishing-rod was pulled strong. All the crews were sure he got GT by the way of his hooking!

GT is getting closer!!!

Finally, GT showed up! It made all the crews including our inspection staffs excited!

The GT was about 4 years old (10kg). This is the fishing in Bali!!!!! You have a great chance to catch GT and don’t forget to take a photo with the fish you got!


Coral Fishing!

The 5th point: Blue Corner Casting Point and the 6th point: Takata Lembongan (the depth 15m). We tried coral fishing there.

The crews put small shrimp for you, so not only men but also ladies and children can try fishing!



Look! Soon after our inspection crew started it, she got a fish!


We got 3 fishes similar with “Sandfish”. Baco told us they are all tasty, so we decided to bring back and eat them!

Once we enjoyed fishing enough, snorkeling time is next in an area of Nusa Penida Quick SilverCruise owns.

The water is very clear and beautiful!! The crew, Nick brought starfishes from the bottom of the ocean!



Snorkeling equipments are available 1 sert / $10. Please let us know when you book!


Handemade lunch box and drink are also available with additional $15! You can choose 2 kinds of drink from Mineral Water, Sprite and Coke!

After the 8 hours adventure, we were back to Serangan Surf School Office at 3:30pm. They started cooking the sand fishes we got! The price will depends on a size, but normally a small one costs about Rp.30,000 to grill.



We didn’t foeget to conclude the inspection, but the tasty grilled fishes made our empty stomache happier!


Captain Baco’s Fishing Point Map!


Fishing Adventure in Bali for Fishin Lovers!

It was very nice to go fishing with Baco and his crews, because I have known Baco for a long time and he is one of the famous fishing guides in Bali. Going fishing with experienced guides can give you a great chance to catch GT! Bring back the fishes you got to Serangan Surf School Office and grill or make them sashimi! You will be surprised that how tasty they are!
If you are coming to Bali with family or children, visit Lembongan Island to enjoy the reort atmosphere! The fishing tour is more for serious fishing lovers, but the family, children and anyone who has never done fishing can also have a great time to try coral fishing and snorkeling in the beautiful ocean of Bali!

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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