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Treatment & Tea time at Hotel Spa Suma Spa | Bali Spa

I went to Spa report at Suma spa where inside Fontana hotel on Apr 8th 2013. There is Suma Spa on the top floor. Hotel spa is high quality and great service compare than regular spa also expensive price. But we made great value spa package, It is HIRO-Chan and Fontana hotel collaborate special menu “ Afternoon café set”. It is reasonable price and high quality spa package.

After spa you can have afternoon café set which fruit tart and your choice of drink (coffee or tea) at sunny 16 café at inside Fontana hotel.

This is special package menu offer from only HIRO-Chan.

Another menu of Suma SpaHere>>



Hi,I am ozone. I am exciting to report today. i will show you inside Suma Spa!




Fontana hotel is brand new hotel in Kuta central area.
Hotel located behind bypass sunset road, it was calm and quiet place.
The building is all white so simple but stylish. There are many high sense interior inside hotel.




At the lobby, it is wide and big! also very stylish all interiors.


Here is Spa entrance. It is Simple design.

Suma Spa staff waiting at hotel reception with welcome smile. She took me to Suma Spa at the top floor.♪

A garden surrounds the Spa



We arrived at top floor. You will see Japanese garden design building.
The facility is maintenanced so it is cleanness atmosphere.

There is modern art at patio with calm space♪♪

At the Spa lobby


At the Spa reception

A couch for 4 people and a woody bench for 8 people.


It is very fresh because everything is brand new.


They served iced lemon glass herb tea at lobby.
It is so good and sweet less fresh taste.

The lemon glass has sterilize power and good for blood pressure.


There is Japanese speaker and English speaker so you don’t need to worry language problem. She is reception lady Kade, she learned Japanese in Korea and still studying.
At the first, couple question from Kade about treatment. You can ask allergy and body point especially you need.

i filled up oral questions sheet.

After filled up i can choose massage oil for treatment. There are 8 kind of oil and you can test all.


A ginger oil for warmed up your body, relax for a lavender oil and elegance smell a flower oil. i choose flower oil today.

I really like choosing oil.


This is one of the great deal for hotel spa, they can speak English so we can ask for all about treatment information.

Suma Spa staff can speak English so you can communicate with them.




Today’s therapist is Yanti. She has been therapy 6 month.




I followed her to treatment room.

All treatment room named by jewel.

Today’s treatment room is amethyst.☆


Twin Room


It is plenty space and clean also great smell.

also calm atmosphere, simple design room and stylish interior.



A round bath tab for 2 persons.






All amenities are available.


Shower booth and bath room. There is smoke glass between them.
A bamboo fence surround outside window make cool mood.

The sunshine through fence makes more atmosphere for treatment room



A powder room with wide miller.

There is functional shampoo table too.

They can many treatments at same room.


This is closet for your luggage. Enough space for 1 person and Accessory box for accessory.

I putted in my accessory this time.There is no lock for closet.

Single Room

This is single room, treatment bed, couch for foot bath, bath tab and shower booth. It is gorgeous for 1 person.

There are functional design for treatment room.

It is great place to stay and high quality treatment with hospitality mind

Start Treatment



I took off all clothes even underwear.




Introduction for treatment from Yanti.

Today’s Treatment Menu ◆HIRO-Chan package 2◆

  • ZEN Bali Ritual(foot massage)15min
  • ZEN Massage(Body massage)75min
  • Facial 30min
  • ZEN Happy tea-relaxation(Ginger tea)
  • Afternoon café set after treatment(fruit tart and drink) Not included in treatment time.

ZEN BALI RITUAL(foot massage)★

At the first, foot massage. Putted in your feet in warmed water.

Dropped lemon glass herb and washing your foot.

After that salt scrub foot massage and Acupressure massage.

I though acupressure massage is really hurt but this massage is not hurt so I relaxed with it.

ZEN MASSAGE(Body massage)★

After foot massage you will lay down on treatment bed and acupressure massage for whole body.


After massage they putted oil on your skin with floral smell.

I order to more shoulder massage so they gave to me longer massage for shoulder.

Little by little, a muscle getting softener.

Next massage is back side body and berry massage, this point is all women’s care about because it is fat point.

After leg massage, Therapist use them palm and thumb to make smooth circulation.

Keep going to whole part of leg.

I like strong massage so i wish it was more strong to push.

At the berry part

They pushed acupressure point around berry. It was not great feel but I feel good after that.

Again therapist use them palm and thumb to massage for front side of body.

Facial time


Take off make up and cleansing.


After that they put lotion on face for massage . All product made by natural and non-stimulation also green tea essence in lotion.

They used towel to wiped face for cleansing and they scrub your face nice and soft.
They scrub at a forehead to around mouth, a nose, a neck.

After that they massage around cheek to forehead for lift up.


At the end, massage for back side body and shoulder little bit.

I almost felt sleep by skilled therapist technic.

It was not hurt at all, i really relaxed and good feel.

Concept of Suma Spa is Zen -禅-。
Please relax with skilled therapist treatment.

The treatment using all natural products and addivtive free.


Zen Happy tea-relaxation &Changing clothes


Serving from spa Ginger tea after whole treatment

It was sweet and spicy taste. I felt warmed inside body.

I still have work so I don’t want to put make up but I have to …

It was smooth touch even I putted make up on my skin because after special treatment.

Afternoon café set at sunny day 16’ cafe

Dropped off elevator and walk through inside hotel to the cafe.

All interiors are unique and creative.

And when I came in café….. I was surprised….

It is my favorite mood café and BGM playing reggae music! This is my favorite kind of music too.

Looks like someone’s private room.


I really pay attention for sheet because if it is hard and not comfortable I can not stay long at café. I always check for guest sheet.

It was just perfect! Also this chair was cradle type chair.




Also they have terrace table and couch sofa too…you can choose.
It was highlight for their furniture very creative.




Free internet is available

You can chat with friends as long as you can after treatment
How about just stay here all day long in your off day?

Café set include coffee or tea.
Also many kind of drinks menu is available.
I ordered mint tea. I cannot decided because everything looks good. The taste was awesome and I liked white mug cup

Café recommend menu is cappuccino. You should try it.

This is fruit tart★


Today’s tart is apple and peach but also they serving blueberry and strawberry.

Berry sauce decollated on plate


Pie dough outside, wet and cool inside tart.

I really not like fruit cake but this café ‘s tart was delicious!

It is perfect much with mint tea


I knew it was great because made by Italian chef

You don’t get enough?

There are more cakes!

Inside hotel Italian restaurant PORTA BELLA

Also there is Italian restaurant inside hotel. You can spend time at there.




You can see kitchen from entrance.






Here is inside restaurant
There are many tables for group customer.



When you come in restaurant you will see dynamic ornament on the wall.



Many variations for tables




This is what we ordered today.    All menus is real Italian taste


I really liked squid pasta

The tomato sauce with crab was great taste.


One more dish for risotto

Beef stew on risotto

It is definitely much with wine.




If I am not working now, I’m going to order wine.




This is fried rice ball with tomato sauce

Crunchy outside and tasty inside rice, it is great much with hot sauce.




Also they served bread with chest nut. You can dip with special sauce.

It was cold so I bet it is good if warmed.



Of course we order dessert too.

This is chocolate mousse. In Bali, there is not good quality chocolate here. When I eat it they won’t melt well but this chocolate was melted well, it was so good.

It has been long time to eat good chocolate.



This is Italian chef.

Thank you very much awesome gourmet.



Guest Room at Fontana Hotel

The building is all white so it is simple design.


Hotel owner from Jakarta choose creative interior.


Guestroom is available for twin and family.

It does not have bath tab but wide and clean bathroom.

After Report・・・・


Feed back from Osone

I had spa report couple times before but I can tell hotel spa is clean and great customer service. I though it is very noisy because hotel located in Kuta but it was calm, quiet and less traffic.

In Kuta area, it is easy to go shopping, café. You can enjoy all day here, so if you getting bored shopping I recommended stay in hotel.

If you are tourist and you cannot speak Indonesia you must worry about some trouble at shopping like they charged you over price etc… but hotel spa and restaurant staff speak English and you never worry about those troubles.

Suma Spa grabbed my heart by reasonable price and high quality service.

Actually there is one more Suma Spa fan. She is our boss hirochan’s wife mami chan.


Feed back from Mami Chan

I was expected this time because hotel spa sounds great but prices are reasonable so I was wondering how great this spa.

But when I arrived hotel I was surprise because the building is stylish and clean.
Spa products are all natural and hand made.

They said you should not take shower 2 hours after treatment for attached body oil on your skin. I was worry because I have allergy and if product is not much my skin is become itchy but this time I didn’t get itchy and feel well even I don’t take shower after treatment.
Also my therapist was kind and great massage skill.
At the café, it was great atmosphere with unique furniture. So time goes fast even you stay yourself. All pastry is made from chef every day. It was not too sweet great taste. You can relax spa at first day and you will visit this café next day is sounds good too.
I think it is outstanding this reasonable price and high quality service. I will come back here in private for sure.


※Content of the experience report has a case changed without a notice.The subjective opinion of the person of coverage is included in this report, but it is not a thing guaranteeing this towards all.


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