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Ganesha Restaurant Ayam Set report | Bali restaurant

There are many seafood restaurants along Gimbaran Beach. It’s the popular place for good view; nice beach view in the lunch time and beautiful sunset in the dinner time. Among the restaurants, this Ganesha Restaurant serves simple taste foods and offer reasonable menus! To Ganesha Restaurant, HIRO-chan asked to make the original menu! The new menu is “Ayam Set.” Ayam means chicken in Indonesia. Jimbaran is famous for seafood, however, some of customers might try chicken! Moreover, we want to enjoy the romantic sunset dinner in Jimbaran who is not really big fun of seafood…! So, we asked to make this new menu. Aiko tries Ayam Set right away!!


To Ganesha Restaurant


12:00 pm, I come here, Ganesha Restaurant! I have visited here a few times for the cover, but it’s my first time to visit during noon time! This Ganesha statue is the symbol of this restaurant as their name.


Around the entrance, there are glass tanks and fishes are swimming in there. This lobster was really fresh and energetic, and it moved as water of the tank spilled out.

This is the gate into inside. Outside of the gate, there are glass tanks for fishes and the kitchen to bake seafood, so it’s smoky. Seats are prepared inside and outside, there are table seats and a bar counter inside. In case of sudden rain, there are enough seats inside.

Throughout the restaurant, there are the beach, sea, and blue sky!!! This is my first time to come to the beach during noon time, and I really like the atmosphere! It’s new for me and surprised. At night, many tables are on the beach and many people enjoy night beach, but it’s really quiet during noon time. If you want to enjoy lunch in calm, I recommend.

Now it comes here, Ayam Set. I’m really surprised this big portion! There are both Ayam Goreng (fried chicken which is boiled beforehand) and Ayam Bakar (simple baked chicken)!!! Usually, we cannot have both… I liked the plain taste Ayam Goreng. It’s tasty with variety of sauces such as garlic and tomato sambal! I can eat lots of white rice with it. In addition, 5 sticks of Sate Ayam. It is Indonesian style baked chicken stick. It makes me full with eating with sweet chili sauce!!

In others, they served fish soup (today was tuna soup), boiled water spinach (kang kong), full basket of white rice, and fruit plate; there are enough side plate menus, and I was really satisfied with portion and taste! Man can be full, so for woman, you can eat the set for one person with children.


Recommend Points of Ayam Set

  • BIG portion of the dish!
  • Not too spicy, good and simple taste
  • Enjoy Jimbaran Dinner without seafood also



Wow… I was really full, Ayam Set! I had strong image that Jimbaran as famous for seafood, so I was wondering that the meat dish in the seafood restaurant… However, I was really satisfied with the good taste comparing with other restaurants, and the big portion of the food!! In this way, regardless of unfavorable of seafood, everybody can enjoy the sunset dinner at Jimbaran Beach. It is possible that one of you order seafood and the other orders. Please try HORO-chan original “Ayam Set in Jimbaran Beach”!! Reported by Aiko

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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