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Mango Spa Report | Bali spa

July 4th, 2012. A ladies pair, Jun & Naka went to chek out a spa in a large entertainment shopping mall on Sunset Road in Kuta, “Mango Spa”. Their unique spa courses using mango which can relax both a body and mind are HIRO-Chan Group’s recommendation! The VIP Room with the sunshine comes in will make your relaxation time more luxuary!!


Off to Spa in a Shopping Mall, BRASCO on Sunset Road



Jun & Naka were ready for going on an adventure to the latest spot in Bali, BRASCO! A driver of Mango Spa in the shopping mall came at 9:00am by clean & shiny car!

It takes about 30 minutes from Jimbaran to BRASCO in Kuta. You will not miss the large yellow sign!

BRASCO seems like a reguar shopping mall which makes you forget being in Bali.
“The building was still new and clean since it only had a grand opening last year!”

You will get a sticker that a staff put on your chest. It has a number on, so they call your number in case you get lost in the mall.


1st Floor Map


Spa Front


The first thing you will see in the mall is a front counter of Mango Spa.

“Later on, we will try their treatment courses!”


Cafe Area

One the right of the entrance, there is a cafe area where you can have Western food such as hamburgers, hot dogs and tasty desserts! They have fresh coffee as well!


Stop by to take a break before or after shopping. There are table seats which are recommended children.


BRASCO Shopping Mall

An outlet mall has various fashion items for men, ladies and kids! Check out some Balinese souvenir there as well! You can leave your belongings except valuables at this counter. Keep the exchange ticket!


If you find something you are interested in purchasing, put them into this shopping bag!

The items are casual and very reasonable!

Great place to get beach clothes for a vacation in Bali.


This cute little hose is at Kid’s Zone where over 3 years old children can play and watch videos for free.


If you purchase some colorings (Rp.27,000~), a staff can watch your children. staffs can watch children for you.


Mango Spa


Ok. Here’s today’s main event! Let’s go to Mango Spa. The spa counter is on the 1st floor!


Make sure you check the spa course you book here. The staffs can speak English, so you will have no problem to communicate.

”We requested VIP Room with additional $10!”


1st Floor: Salon


They have a Salon where you can have Neil and foot reflexology courses.

It has a modern atmosphere based on a white design. You can also have hair cut, cream bath and make-up.


Foot Reflexology Room


It has 36 foot reflexology chairs in a large comfortable space.


1st Floor: Lobby

The simple and quiet lobby has comfortable couches.

Before hedding off to a treatment room, we had welcome drink, lemon tea and cold a towel which were included in the course.

There is Mango Spa’s Special Elevator which can control by only the special card in the side of the lobby. Their security system is great, isn’t it?




Let’s go to check out treatment rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The VIP Room we requested is on the 3rd floor!


 2nd Floor: Single Room

This compact single room is really just for 1 person!

However, it has a bathtub and a chair for foot reflexology!


2nd Floor: Couple Room


A couple and friends can have a spa course together in this couple room. It is about twice as large as the single room.


2nd Floor: Public Restroom


A restroom is not available in a treatment room, so you will be using a clean public restroom on each floor.


3rd Floor: VIP Room


Finally, we were on the 3rd floor! Once you stepped out from the elevator, you will be surprised at the tropical resort atmosphere!!


You will find a traditional Balinese gate by following the pass way. YES! The VIP Room is after the gate!


The therapists opened the gate and another glass gate for us, and then…

The Luxury World is there!!

The VIP Room is surrounded by glass the sunshine coming through to make it expansive!

Isn’t it cute that they make a heart by flower petals on the bed? Upgrading to the VIP Room is only $10!

“The romantic atmosphere is nice for a couple!”


Spa Courses in VIP Room!

Mango Luxury Therapy (3hours)
・Body Massage
・Aroe Vera Facial(Choice of Oil)
・Body Mask & Wrap
・Aroma Therapy Bubble Bath※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu  might be changed without notice.



“This was my therapist, Ayu who has been a therapist for a year.”


First, leave your belongings in the space under the dresser.


While the therapist was waiting outside of the room, I changed into paper the underwear and the gown.





The treatment started from Bali Foot Wash. In the bowl which had tropical flower petals, she cleaned my feet.


The soft touch massage with Blue Bath Salt already made me feel relaxed.


Body Massage



Then, we moved on to Body Massage. At first, she made my body warmer by massage over the saron.

This is Mango Spa special, Mango Oil!
She pit this oil on her hands and massaged my body. The sweet fragrance wrapped the room.


In the middle of the massage, she asked me “massage, ok?”. It is important to tell your comfortable strength to enjoy a spa course!


Here is a small surprise! I could see

Flower Bowl from a whole on the bed. It made me feel more comfortable.





For Facial, they use a famous products in Bali, BIOKOS products which is famous to care skin problems on the face.



Slowly and gently, removing make-ups by tissues.

Next is peeling to remove old horny substance by cream which had fresh fragrance.

The gentle touch made the old horny substance floated. They were cleaned up by tissues at the end.


Cream Massage has an refleshing effect with fresh aroe fregrance. You will be surprised at finger techniques by a therapist which leads you into the great relaxation!


The last facial course is mask. It takes about 20 minutes to the mask get dried. After peeling off the mask, my face become smooth and fresh by the lotion.


Body Scrub


The scrub was done while waiting the facial mask getting dried. Scrub containing natural essence of the various spices were applied on my whole body.

The scrub was easily removed by hand. It was unbelievable how smooth my skin became!!!!


Body Mask

Body Mask to moisture skins was next. The mask also had fragrance of mango.


Aroma Therapy bath



The course ended with Aromatherapy Bubble Bath. You can go into the bath without removing the body mask.

It was little bit disappointing that there were not many petals in the bathtub, but I could still have a luxury time with feelin the sunshine!


HIRO-Chan Beauty (3hours)
・Welcome Drink & Cold Towel
・Bali Foot Wash 10min
・Traditional Massage 60min
(Choice of Oil: Lavender, Mango, Bali spice, Rose)
・Traditional Facial 45min
・Express Pedicure or Manicure
・Traditional Aroe Vera Facial 50min
・Ginger Tea or Jasmine Tea※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu  might be changed without notice.



“I also had a spa treatment course with a therapist, Dayu in the VIP Room.”


Bali Foot Wash

First is Foor Bath. It was just a footbath, but the way Dayu washed washed and wipe my feet made me feel being like a princess.


Traditional Massage


At first, she massaged my body to warm it up and do it again smoothly with the massage oil.


Next, I took off the gown and had a massage with the oil I chose at the front counter. You can choose oil from Lavender, Mango and Bali Spice.


The massage was really relaxing, but facing down on the bed was little bit uncomfortable. It might be better to use a pillow to make it better.


She massages the body parts including legs, a back and arms. It was a perfect strength to let my body relax!


This was my favorite, back massage by fists. Her technique was amazing! It was same with a massage machine.


Traditonal Facial



Facial started from cleansing. I suggested you not to wear too much make up on before the spa course.

Peeling was done with cream. The massage was little stronger than I expected.


For the mask, they use BIOKOS product. The fragrance of the herb was refreshing!


While Dayu was massaging my head, we waited for the mask got dried. Once it became dry, I felt my facial skin was pulled.


The mask was removed by the special sponge. It was great to feel that my skin got refreshed!


By putting the lotion on the face, the course finished!





I took a shower to wash off the massage oil! It made me feel both my body and mind fresh!


Express Pedicure

After changing, I went to a salon on the 1st floor for Express Pedicure or Manicure. I chose a pedicure course!


I had the course on the special chair which has a sink for footbath. It also has a massage function on the back.

After the therapist washed my feet nicely, she cut my nails off which became all same length!


She remove cuticles and make my toe nails shinner by the emery board.

In the end, my nails were beautifully done by refleshing mist containing vitamine essences! This is a perfect course for a vacationin an tropical island!


Ginger Tea or Jasmine Tea


The last menu in the course is a relaxing tea time at the lobby. The ginger tea had rich taste with spice of the ginger!


Jel Nail



“Luckly, I could tried Jel Nail even though it was not included in the course!”


By placing wrists on the comfortable wrist pillow, the therapist gave my nails little bit damage which made the jel stays on the nails well.

I requested French Nail with Gold Lame.

She put clear jel and gold jel over and pver. It finbished faster, but it was done beautifully!


This UV Light make nails stay surprisingly longer in a good condition!

I didn’t have enough time to finish all the nails, so tried only one finger. Look at it! You can try this jel nail with the reasonable price!


“Well, this is not the end of the report, because there was one more person who went to Mango Spa in BRASCO with us.”
“That’s right. A person was following us.”


←”Yes! HIRO-Chan general manager, Marucchi!”

“He was having a great time for shopping before the spa course.”

“As we did, he checked in at the counter on the 1st floor and went to a treatment room on the 2nd floor by the special elevator.”


“He was ready for the course with the gown on! I’ll pass to him from now on to report his experience!”


HIRO-Chan Indulgence (3hours)
・Welcome Drink & Cold Towel
・Bali Foot Wash 10min
・Aroma Therapy Massage 60min
(Choice of Oil: Lavender, Mango, Bali Spice, Rose)
・Fruity Body Scrub 40min
(Choice of Scrub: Mango, Aroe Vera, Avocado, Chocolate, Coffee, Green Tea)
・Rose Flower Bath 20min
・Traditional Aroe Vera Facial 50min
・Ginger Tea※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu might be changed without notice.

Foot Wash


“Hello! I am the general Manager at HIRO-Chan, Marucchi! Oue No.1 recommended course, HIRO-Chan Indulgence began with Foot Wash using blue bath salt!”


Aromatherapy Balinese Massage

My favorite Mango Oil is used for Balinese Massage. You won’t be able to imagine how tasty it is! Oh, no no! You cannot drink it, but enjoy the fragrance!

The massage was perfect! I could feel my body was getting warmer by the massage which was like rubbing by a dry towel.


Fruity Body Scrub


The mango scrub had bitter smell of medicine similar with an exotic Indonesian medicine, Jamu.

It felt cold one in a moment, but at the same time it felt great! If you could not handle the coolness, ask your therapist to make it dry faster.


Rose Flower Bath



Their flower bath is a BUBBLE flower bath that ladies will like!


Traditional Aroe Vera Facial

For the facial, they used a famous product in Bali, “BIOSk”. The yellow paste with black grains remove old stains on the skin.

Cleansing by the mint color cream was next. I don’t usually take care of my skin, so it was a good experience and felt good.


The course ended by applying the lotion! As you can see from the photo, it was very relaxing, so I almost fell sleep.


Ginger Tea

After I got changed into the clothes, I had the ginger tea at the lobby on the 1st floor. Thank you very much for the relaxing moment!


Break Time at Cafe!



After the spa, we were both hungry for snacks, so stopped by at the cafe on the 1st floor.


We took a seat and looked for what we should have. They had many tasty menus which made us difficult to decide what we wanted!


“I ordered Beef Burger. It was disappointing that it had only a thin slice of the beed. It came with tomato kecap and spicy sauce wich was a Bali style. The amount was good enough for between shopping or before/after spa.”


” I had Spicy Chicken which was seasoned by chillis. It was smaller than I expected, so it will be better for men and people who are starving to order two plates!”


“The mango juice was AMAZING!!!!! We both fell in love with the rich taste! It had the pulp of the fruit! Cheers!”


“Marucchi ordered Hot Dogs and Mango Juice. He also became a fan of the juice!”

“BRASCO is where you can enjoy not only spa, but also shopping and cafe time! I had a great time there!”

“Treatment using a name of the spa, mango is very unique and recommended both men and ladies! Right, Marucchi?!”

“YES! Listen, all the gentlemen! Let’s give a little treat for yourself in Bali!”




Comment by Jun
Mango Spa is in a shopping mall which is an unique style in Bali. You can enjoy both shopping and spa treatment at the same area. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the mall would be good enough, but it can be a place to use your time on holiday useful!
The outlet mall has casual and reasonable items . Don’t forget to check out the kid’s zone where moms can leave children while shopping!
I strongly recommend you upgrading a treatment room at Mango Spa to a VIP Room!!! It costs only $10 to make the treatment time more gogeous and luxury! The tropical room with the sunshine will never disappoint you!



Comment by Naka

It was my first spa inspection which was making me excited. The shopping area of BRASCO is a good place to visit with family, because they have various fashion items for men, ladies and kids. My favorite was the kids’ items which were all cute! You will have a difficult time to choose! Children can shop together with parents, but play at Kids Zone as well! I am sure it will be the latest family entertainment spot in Bali!
Mango Spa can provide you the best relaxing moment! You will foeget being in Kuta which is the most busiest area in Bali. It will be a great chance for you to have a luxury time at the VIP room with the reasonable price!



Comment by Marucchi

Mango Spa has various menus, but our No.1 recommendation is Super Reaspnable HIRO-Chan Packages!! This is our first spa which has treatment using mango. You will not be disappointed at the courses!
Before or after the spa, go to an outlet mall in BRASCO. Kids can play at the kid’s area while moms are shopping or having a spa course.
If you are looking for something to do with a reasonable price, Mango Spa in BRASCO is the one for you!



Comment by Inspection Staff, Tacchan

At first, I was surprised at taking the special elevator to get to the treatment rooms at Mango Spa. It might be normal in other countries, but here in Bali, Indonesna, it is unique and got me excited. You might want to chek out the view from the 3d floor. It is only from the 3rd floor, but Bali does not have many tall buildings, it was like looking outside from a tower building.
The recommendation of the spa is VIP Room! You will already be relaxed on the pass way surrounded by many plants. The traditional Balinese gate leads you into an mysterious world, but once you walk into the room, the tropical atmosphere with the sunshine will be there!.
The spa products using mango had a great fragrance which made me want to drink it up.
Spa + Shopping + Cafe… It has all the entertaiments to have an exciting day in Bali.


Comment by Inspection Staff, Yama-Chan

You will not miss a large shopping mall, BRASCO if you are driving on Sunset Road. Every time I passed there, I was wondering what it was, and finally got a chance to visit!
It was much better than I expected! It is still new and very clean.
Mango Spa has their special elevator to go to the treatment rooms. Only the staffs have the card which can control the elevator, so their security is great, isn’t it? I definately suggest upgrading to the VIP room which costs only $10. The rooms are surrounded by glass, so you might feel uncomfortable to share the room with friends, but still it is much better than the single and couple rooms!
In total, you will feel it is a casual and comfortable spa instead of rich taste. However, it will still make you satisfied!

* Content of the experience report has a case changed without a notice.The subjective opinion of the person of coverage is included in this report, but it is not a thing guaranteeing this towards all.


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