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The Amerta Oriental Gausha report | Bali spa

On April 22, 2010, I visited the great view spa, “The Amerta” which locates on the hill in Jimbaran!! All rooms have the beautiful ocean view of Venoa Bay, and it’ designed as modern Asia in the spa which has calmed and resort atmosphere. This time, I tried new menu, Chinese ancient medicine “Guasha therapy” that can be taken only in The Amerta; “Oriental Guasha Package”!


Visiting The Amerta!

Photo Tour of The Amerta!

It takes about 10 min. by car from our office. Turn to up-hill road from by-pass close to Nusa Dua, and drive up really steep hill for 50m, we arrive at The Amerta.

The Amerta has 2 buildings, and this is one of them. The 1st floor is The Amerta Villa, the 2nd floor is lobby, and the 3rd floor is treatment room.

Climb up stairs and here is the 2nd floor lobby; how great ocean view it is!
I’m so touch by the view. Wonderful!!

It’s nice stylish modern Asia interior with dark color!

On the 3rd floor, there are 2 single rooms. It’s normal size of room, and it’s great view from Shower & Bathroom as the view from the lobby.

Here is Cream Bath & Facial room. It’s private room, and taking treatment on the spa’s proud reclining sofa. About Cream Bath, usually it’s offered in the shared room with other guests, so it’s rare to have the private room for each.


Touring The Amerta Villa!


Then, go to the 1st floor The Amerta Villa! Going down to the stairs, vivid color carps are swimming in the water.

Tadah! Here is it, the precious villa with pool!!!! Tropical plants in the garden and water with clear water. It’s like a hiding place!

The Amerta Villa has fabulous living room! I can see the pool in front and the ocean over there. Simple and high qualified teak furniture and interior that owner gathered match to the atmosphere of the villa. I would say, it’s “Adult Asian space with calmed high-society atmosphere.”

This is the treatment room. It’s not separated by the wall, so it’s very broad.

This is the picture from ocean side. The 2nd floor is the lobby and the 3rd floor is treatment room, however, it’s kept as the private space.

How fashionable shampoo stand it is. It must be great shampoo with natural wind!


Go to The Amerta, 2nd Building

Another building is this. It’s 30 min. away from the 1st building. The 1st floor is Club Amerta Villa, the 2nd floor is Lobby & Treatment room, and the 3rd floor is under reconstruction right now.

Lobby is smaller than the 1st building, and little bit dark. It’s quiet and calm space.

↑Through the exotic curtain, there are 2 single rooms and Cream Bath & Facial Room.

The 1st building has Cream Bath & Facial in different room, but they are in the same room in the 2nd building.

Single room has stylish design with soft lighting!! It’s comfortable darkness, not too bright.

And then, I visit the 3rd floor which is now under reconstruction. It is surprisingly great view!!!


Touring Club Amerta!

I’m still excited about the great view. Once I go out of the building and go through the door. Climbing down the little steep stairs…

Wow! This is Club Amerta Villa!!! The size of site is as same in both villas, but Club Amerta is broad hotel villa comparing with The Amerta Villa of hiding place villa!

The biggest difference is this view! It’s great view of seeing Jimbaran and Nusa Dua ocean. You may enjoy swimming in the rectangular shape pool. Pool and ocean view makes excited and gorgeous impression.

Living room has a big glass window and through the window, there are pool and ocean view. It’s very big room, so I would say it’s the real villa for staying rather than just a spa villa. There are sofa, wash stand, and WC in the end of the room. There is Cream Bath & Facial reclining sofa in the front side.

Vivid color flower decorates modern space. It’s really fashionable and calm unified design of whole room! I can see owner’s good sense.

Treatment room is little bit smaller than The Amerta Villa. However, the space is not separated with the living room next to the treatment room, so it has big space.

If you reserved this villa, you can spend in here for 12 hours maximum. It’s heaven!! I visit both villas and check pool, view, and width; I recommend Club Amerta which is little bit expensive than The Amerta. It’s not cheap to stay in the villa, but I think the price represents something valuable!! Finishing Photo Tour, now is the treatment time.


Today’s menu: Oriental Guasha Package (3.5 hours)

  1. Welcome Drink & Towel
  2. Oriental Guasha Body Massage (90 min.)
  3. Guasha Facial Massage (90 min.)
  4. Head Skin Guasha + Sole Guasha (30 min.)


Try Guasha Oriental Package!

What’s Guasha Therapy…

Guasha is Chinese traditional old wives’; use jade gemstone and board of buffalo horn to rub skin with oil, and stimulus and move bad blood to surface of skin in order to remove toxin in the body, “Eastern style Detox.” Actually, this Guasha Therapy was brought to Bali, and at home, Guasha Therapy is utilized using by coin and edge of china spoon. The Amerta is the first spa in Bali that creates the original massage with Guasha!

This time, The Amerta offered us Club Amerta as our treatment room! (normally, it’s held in the single room above.)

Oil can be chosen from 4 kinds. This time, I chose orange scents “Valance” which leads psychological and physical harmony.

Therapist is calm woman, Ili. She has 10 years therapist experience! She was invited to spa school in Japan as the instructor a few times.

Gown is also good design. Change to the gown that is little bit Japanese taste design. For men, they prepare different design.


Put valuables to the locker in the living room. It’s big enough to put a big bag.


◆ Guasha Body Massage (90 min.) ◆

This is Guasha and products for Guasha package. Jade and buffalo horn used as Guasha, but in The Amerta, they use the original ceramic Guasha and apply soft touch massage of combination of lymphatic massage with oil.

Guasha Therapy is effective to apply while body is warmed. First, use warmed herbal ball, and tap on covered clothes, skin, and whole body.

Herbal ball with Indonesian spices makes my body warmed.

And then, lie down on back, and start lymphatic massage with the balance oil. Apply oil on skin and massage along with lymph circulation.

Now, use Guasha! Hold it to touch the edge on skin, and rub up to down many times in quick rhythm.

Touching is similar to Stone Massage, but it more sharp than stone, and feel good to fit on skin the sharp edge with curve! It’s using oil so it’s smooth, not pain with rubbing.

The therapist changes ways to hold Guasha, and apply massage on detailed parts, hand back, and fingers, etc. In Chinese Guasha Therapy, rub very strongly as bad blood comes out to surface, but in The Amerta, they don’t apply such a strong massage, so it’s rare to get rid of bad blood after treatment. This is the corroboration of Balinese Traditional Oil Massage and Chinese old wives’ Guasha!

Lie down on stomach, and continue to back, arm, and foot.

Ili’s massage is really good that I expected! Not too weak, not too strong, and she knows the right spots, so I don’t need to request what I want. Not only the skill, but also her touching and hand movements are really careful with her whole heart. 90min. massage was truly indulgence!


◆ Guasha Facial Massage (90 min.) ◆



After massage, rinse off the oil by the shower next to pool, and wear tube-top one-piece. Take a break with mineral water.

Taking Facial on this Relaxing Sofa. It’s really comfortable sofa. When I sit down on the soft cushion, I already feel sleepy.

For Facial products, use cosmetics made in Canada which is good for all skin type. They don’t have strong scents, so it can be recommended for men, too.

Make-off by cleansing.  Peeling skin with gentle touch.

Décolleté Massage, Face Massage

After Face Massage, use Guasha to face skin up along with mimic muscles.

← This is the picture when right side face was done!
Comparing with left side, I can see my right side cheek is obviously shape and lifted up!!

What a big difference it is… I was surprised when I saw the picture later. It’s great effect of Guasha to limph!!

I try The Amerta’s proud, Bioptron. Bioprton is called “visible rays” that is the sun light without ultra violet. It has the effect to improve natural cure of the body and infiltration. Put jelly toner with plenty of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and amino acid on face, and irradiate the visible rays.

Irradiation time is about 10 min. Meanwhile, the therapist offers arm and hand massage. I feel gentle warm light and fall into my dream.

After that, absorb the high quality vitamin C beauty cosmetic and day-cream on face, and apply light tapping as finishing massage.


◆ Head Skin Guasha + Sole Guasha (30 min.) ◆


As in the same position, apply Head Skin Guasha. Rub from head line to back with light touch rhythm. The hard ceramic touching gives good stimulation on head skin.


Massage not only head skin, but also neck and the base of the head. I work with computer everyday and I have chronic shoulder stiffness, so it’s especially great massage for me. Detoxifying by lymphatic circulation!!

Head Skin Massage is the difficult one; if a therapist doesn’t have enough skills to do, it’s just too strong and painful treatment. However, Ili’s detailed technique of Guasha and head skin massage by hand improves blood circulation of the skin, and I feel refreshed.


Last one is Sole Guasha.
Put foot cream and massage in step, heel, sole, and between fingers. It’s not pain but gentle touching.

Then, the full treatment of Guasha Package 3.5 hours is finished. I see my face on the mirror, and I can see the difference of clear skin! Can you see my skin’s brightness & revitalizing on the picture? Remove darken skin on surface and my face recovers the natural brightness.
Camera staff says, “Your skin was changed!” so it’s not only my impression, maybe!

Finishing the satisfied 3.5 hours with little sweet ginger tea at the end. Thank you very much for Ili to offer me really heart warmed massage through the course!


Postscript of The Amerta…

EXPERIENCE MENU : Oriental Guasha Package (3.5 hours)
・Welcome Drink & Towel
・Oriental Guasha Body Massage (90 min.)
・Guasha Facial Massage (90 min.)
・Head Skin Guasha + Sole Guasha (30 min.)

Thank you very much! Aiko’s Impression

It was my first time visiting to The Amerta. I imagined “one-rank higher spa with great atmosphere” by their original menus of concentrate on effectiveness and beautiful pictures of villa; beyond my expectation, it was fabulous spa and I was really surprised!

First of all, the location is perfect. I’m not saying for advertisement, but it’s great view! Not many spas in Bali have all ocean view treatment rooms. The atmosphere and environment is also good. No car pass around the spa, so it’s very quiet in the spa. The room with brown and cream color is stylish and comfortable. They have all single rooms, so it’s best space to enjoy spa alone without caring other guests.

The Guasha package that I tried this time is Chinese traditional old wives’ and also utilizes as home medication in Bali. The Amerta creates the original soft touch Guasha massage by the combination of lymphatic massage using original ceramic Guasha. It is not like as Chinese Guasha Therapy, it’s rare that bad blood appears in the surface of back. It’s similar to Stone Massage, but it more sharp than stone, and I felt good to fit on skin the sharp edge with curve and I could feel more stimulation on spots of lymph.

You need to remember that you have chance to climb up stairs because the spa is built on the steep slope. They have all single rooms, so couple cannot take the treatment in one room. If you are still interesting to visit The Amerta, I recommend trying the reserved Villa Package of Club Amerta! You can choose Guasha as in 6 hours treatment including this package. You can enjoy the perfect luxury and healing on the day by staying in Ocean View × Pool × Modern Villa!! Please try it on your last day of Bali.

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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