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Lokasari Spa Tropical Fruiut Bath report | Bali spa

On May 13, 2010, I visited Lokasari Spa that is the first time covering of spa in Ubud! Lokasari Spa is in Lokasari Bungalow with the gallery and the café, and it is relaxing spa in full green. This time, I tried the basic 2 hours course which has choice from Oil, Scrub, and Flower Bath; “Tropical Fruit Bath”!


Full Green! Visiting Lokasari Spa in Ubud

May 13, 2010 Fine weather

About 1 hour by car from Jimbaran, arrive at “Lokasari Spa” in Ubud. Actually, it is the first time spa in Ubud after 26 times coverings! I’m excited that what kind of spa I can take♪

When I get off the car, it’s so cool! Ubud is in the mountain area, so I feel the temperature is 4~5℃ below than my office in Jimbaran.

Spa is in Lokasari Bungalow. Throughout the gate of Balinese traditional architecture, and go inside.

Inside is the full green garden! When I just enter, I can feel big space than a normal spa and countryside atmosphere of Ubud. Following the staff, walk on the path and go to more inside.

Throughout the garden, there is the cute 2-stories bungalow with the pool. It is the awesome room which has the pool in front. I wish I could stay such a room!

This is the left side of the pool, here is Lokasari Spa. They renewed the building used as bungalow, so it has only 5 rooms. Not only Lokasari Spa, the spa beside bungalows and villas usually has stylish design for open space! How can I say, it is not imitated Bali atmosphere, but they offer the real resort.

Small wellhole lobby.  Relax with plants and flowers.

Take course counseling with drinking sweet Lemon Tea. The therapist can speak English, and there is the course description, so you can check it also.


Photo Touring in Lokasari Spa!

◆ 1st floor Treatment Room (3 rooms) ◆


Design of Treatment Room is nicer than I expected, and I really love it!
There are different drawings on the dark red wall, and all drawings are wonderful as they have the gallery as well. The room itself is little bit old, but it’s simple and good sense.

On the contrary, Bathroom is unified cream color and it is bright space using natural sun light.

Bathtub is big, and the decorated mirror and plants fit to the atmosphere.


◆ 2nd floor Treatment Room (2 rooms) ◆

I recommend the 2nd floor Treatment Room! It has high ceiling so it’s spacious, and you can see the great view from the terrace. Usually, the room is offered as Triple Room for 3 guests, however, if you make a reservation through HIRO-chan, you can use this room for 2 persons♪ (Only time when the room is open)

Bathroom is wider than the 1st floor. You can see palm trees and jangle through the big window! Outside has down slope as a valley, so nobody can look inside.


◆ Garden & Pool ◆

The bungalow site is not broad, but it is filled with full of green and water; tropical plants, statues, water fountain, pool, etc.

If you bring your bathing suit, you can use pool and gazebo for free.


Try Tropical Fruit Bath

Today’s Menu: Tropical Fruit Bath (2 hours)

  1. Flower Salt Foot Bath 10 min.
  2. Aromatherapy Massage 70 min.
    (Choose Oil from Sandalwood/ Rose/ Jasmine/ Ylang Ylang/ Green Tea/ Lotus)
  3. Body Scrub 20 min.
    (Choose Scrub from Lavender/ Rose/ Jasmine/ Avocado/ Chocolate/ Green Tea/ Strawberry)
  4. Flower Bath 20 min.
    (Choose from Herbal/ Fruit Slice)


In Tropical Fruit Bath, it’s fun to choose the kind of Oil, Scrub, and Flower Bath♪ I chose fresh Green Tea Oil, Strawberry Scrub, and Fruit Slice for Bath.

【Massage Oil choice】
Sandalwood/ Rose/ Jasmine/ Ylang Ylang/ Green Tea/ Lotus

【Scrub choice】
Lavender/ Rose/ Jasmine/ Avocado/ Chocolate/ Green Tea/ Strawberry

The room is the spacious 2nd floor room (Room 4)!

Therapists go out to the room at once, so change your clothes to the unisex gown and wear paper underwear. It is nice to have Batik Gown.

Put your clothes and valuables into the shelf with key beside the bed.


◆ Flower Salt Foot Bath 10 min. ◆

Treatment starts from Flower Salt Foot Bath. Going out from the room and sit on the chair in front of the room.

Soak feet into the hot water bowl with “Pacha” flower petals, wash feet and rub heels with a brush.


◆ Aromatherapy Massage 70 min. ◆

Go back to the room, take off the gown and lay down on my stomach, then, massage starts! With covered by red and blue colorful salon, use palms to press body.

The massage order of Aromatherapy Massage is as same as Balinese Massage, from left foot→ right foot→ upper body. The technique is the standard followed by the basic Aromatherapy.

The technique of therapist is average level. Comparing with another massage that I tried today, “Four Hand Massage (2 hours),” this is soft touch. It’s nice feeling that slippery palms with using oil.

For 70 min. massage, 40 min. lay down on stomach, and 30 min. lay down on back. Through toes to décolleté, I enjoy whole body massage with soft scent Green Tea Oil.


◆ Body Scrub 20 min. ◆



Start Scrub while lying down on my back. Prepare Scrub just before the treatment to mix Strawberry Scrub powder with water. Maybe, it’s coloring, but it’s little bit too much color…

This scrub is watery type, and it doesn’t have rough scrubbing powder. From foot to whole body, apply Scrub and swipe water by salon.

Without water, rub by palm and remove Scrub which cover on the surface of skin.


This therapist is really soft touch, but personally, I prefer using rougher scrub and rubbing with strong touch.

For sunburned skin and sensitive skin, it’s better to take such a soft massage.


◆ Flower Bath 20 min. ◆

Flower Bath was prepared by the finishing time of treatments! I chose Fruit Slice, so there are sliced limes are floating besides Pacha and Frangipani. It’s fresh with scent of lime!


Bathtub is big enough that I can sit down without bending my knees. There are palm trees and jangle outside of the window, and I spent 20 min. bath time with full green view. Thank you very much!


Postscript of Locasari Spa…

27th times covering! Aiko’s Impression

This is the new spa that is added to our market, and they offer very reasonable price, so I wondered what kind of spa and how about the facility and service. I had both excitement and nervousness, but when I visited there, I knew that it’s good location and atmosphere! It differs from the southern resort spa because of the place, Ubud, and the spa in bungalow.

Particularly, I was impressed with the treatment room!
As they have the galley with the spa, there are high sense (looks expensive) drawings on each room, and it cannot be ignored. I strongly recommend the 2nd floor Room 4 and Room 5! They have wide room and bathroom with plenty of natural sunlight. Usually, they are used as Triple Room for 3 guests, however, only HIRO-chan’s customer can use the room for 2 persons!! If you want, please request “2nd floor room”♪

Even though staffs can speak English, you had better make sure the course menu beforehand. In addition, it is the spa with relaxing atmosphere surrounded by nature, so if you seek high-grade or stylish spa, it’s not that kind of spa.

Today’s Tropical Bath can be chosen Oil, Scrub, and Flower Bath. The rare Green Tea Oil had the scent of tea as powdered green tea, and I was healed. I’m little bit sorry about too strong color of Strawberry Scrub… Other kinds might be better.

My therapist’s technique is average level, and I could enjoy comfortable massage that is particular for Aromatherapy. This course is not for removing tiredness, but for relaxing with oil touching and scent!

* This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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