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Natalie Spa on Nusa Dua Photo Report | Bali spa

A spa with a great access from Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa, “Natalie Spa” is on the bypass road between Jimbaran and Nusa Dua. The three-storied spa has 15 treatment rooms and their super reasonable massage with original oil has many fans!There are three massage room types which are 5 people, 6 people and 8 people size rooms, so the maximum 19 people can take treatments at the same time!
HIRO-Chan manager, Marucchi visited Natalie Spa to find the secret of their popularity, so please check it out!


Experience super reasonable massage! Natalie Spa, here I come!

The spa is on the Nusa Dua bypass road. It takes about 15 minutes from Nusa Dua and 30-40 minutes from Kuta. Their Balinese uniforms are impressive. Let’s go inside!

Time goes slow at the lobby.
At first, they check the health condition and go over the menu together with the service of ginger tea and cookies. Today’s menus are “Aromatherapy massage” “Balinese Traditional Massage” and “Stone Massage”.

Aromatherapy massage (2hours)
Enjoy the great relaxsation by your favorite fragrance.
The massage makes your skin refreshed by improving blood and lymph circulations, and ease the stiffness of the muscle by using warm aroma oil.
Balinese Traditional Massage (2hours)
This is a traditional Balinese esthe massage with techniques of hands and thumbs. Aroma oil is also used to ease the stiffness of the whole body.
Stone Massage (2 hours)
They warm up flat stones which are gathered from rivers in Bali and apply them on a whole body to take the stiffness of the muscle away. It also improves blood circulation, cold constitution, shoulder stiffness and menstrual irregularity.

After checking-in, you will leave your bags in the locker. Keep the key by yourself! Meet the therapist and then let’s go to the treatment room!


Check out the room and facilities!


Usually, they use a large room called “massage room” for the super reasonable massage, but we used the twin room on the second floor as a special case for this inspection. If the room is available, you can request to change the room!

(↑photo above)This is a twin room to take the massage this time. The Balinese design makes the atmosphere calm.

(←photo on the left)After changing into the gown, you put all your clothes in this basket in the room.




(←photo on the left)Their single room is also a Balinese style!

(↓Photo below)This is a triple room with a bath and shower. The difference between the twin and triple rooms is only the areas of the rooms.

(↑photo above)Each room does not have a toilet, so use the shared one on each floor!
(←photo on the left) The twin and triple rooms has a shower. You will use the shared one on each floor if you take the treatment in the massage or single room.

This is the massage room to take the massage courses!

The salon next to the lobby on the first floor. It is bigger compared to the ones of other medium-sized spas.

We finished touring all the rooms! Let’s move on to the super reasonable massage!


 The 3 super reasonable package!

 Aromatherapy Massage


The course starts with foot bath to warm up your feet and improves blood circulation slowly.

Next, take the stiffness of the body by non-oil massage. Enjoy the relaxing moment!


After your body becomes fully relaxed, oil massage begins! They use warm aroma oil to make your body and mind more relaxed!!



You can choose your favorite aroma from 9 kinds: lavender, sandalwood, chhocolate, lemon, strawberry, frangipani, eucalyptus, Jasmine, herbal.

Your body and mind will be refreshed by the warm of the oil and the fragrance.


Balinese Traditional Massage



Let’s move on to Balinese Traditional Massage. It begins with foot bath same as Aromatherapy Massage to warm foot up and improve blood circulation.

After the foot bath, relax by non-oil massage. Both Aromatherapy Massage and Balinese Traditional Massage have foot bath and non-oil massage.


This is only in Balinese Traditional Massage! They massage with oil of normal temperature as well.


Stone massage


The last treatment is Stone Massage which also starts with foot massage. Now, we know how important it is to improve blood circulation!


Non-oil massage is also a common menu in the three courses.


After taking the stiffness from the body, massage with regular temparture oil which is same with Balinese Traditional Massage begins.

Finally, Stone Massage comes! They use stones which are little bit hotter than we expected. If they are too hot, you can let them know to cool the tempurture down by water!


For improving blood circulation of face and chest, they put smaller stones on them. It also cures shoulder stiffness, cold constitution and menstrual irregularity.


【Extra Edition】Flower Bath

They gave us a special treatment, Flower Bath in the end! The super reasonable massage doesn’t include it, so if you want to try it, you can add with extra charge!


Take a shower and enjoy ginger tea at the lobby after the treatment!


Super Reasonable Simple Massage!

Their super reasonable massage is very simple, but has what customers expect. If you are looking for a spa course focusing on treatment, this is for you! It is on the bypass road between Nusa Dua and Jimbaran, so there is no worry about traffic jam! Also, they have many treatment rooms, so it is easier to book even in the high season! Their massage, price and location will make you satisfied for sure!

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