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A spa with traditional Balinese building, “Adi Spa” is a medium-sized spa which has 5 sigle rooms and 10 twin rooms. Their thatched roof, Balinese gate and bamboo furniture make the atmosphere more comfortable. Here’s a report of “Ayurvedic Healing (4hours)” and “Hot Stone Massage (1hour)”!!


Only 3 minutes to know everything about Natalie Spa!


Traditional Balinese style, Adi Spa

The spa is on the bypass road which is about 15 minutes from Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua. The last chek-in is 23:00 and they are open until 24:00!

The large lobby has bamboo sofas which reminds us of old Bali Island. The restroom and salon are on the left side of the lobby.

Enjoy the welcome drink, Indonesian Jamu which decrease blood pressure and cholesterol while going over the application.


Today’s course, “Ayurvedic Healing (4hours)”is based on the traditional Indian medical method, Ayurveda which improves natural constitution and disfunctional balance of the body.After filling the check list, they choose the best oil from the three kinds for gest’s condition.

You can choose oil from jasmine, green tea and orange for oil massage and hot stone massage.

You can leave your belongings in the locker. Keep the key with you!


A therapist is waiting for you in front of the room. Today’s therapist was Ms. Coman. She has been a therapist for 10 years!!!


Adi Spa’s rooms & facilities!

Twin Room(10 rooms)


This 4mx3m room without toilet is large and not too old even though the design is a traditional Balinese room.


Single Room(5 rooms)

The 3mx2m single room has same atmosphere with the twin room. The difference is the size of the room and the bathtub.


The therapist give a gown and a paper underwear for the treatment, so you change into them in the treatment room.


The grear fragrance of the aroma is great! Let’s start the treatment!


Ayurvedic Healing (4hours)




Flower Foot Bath (5min)
Abyhanga Massage (60min)
Ayurveda Facial (60min)
Shirodhara (45min)
Cream Bath (60min)
Flower Bath (15min)
Light Meal


Abyhanga Massage

It start with non-oil massage. Next, massage with your choice of oil.


Ayurveda Facial

Cleansing by tonic→scrub→massage with warm oil→cleansing to remove oil→mask→wash off the mask after drying out→moisturizer. Facial usually does not use oil, but this course uses warm natural oil.



getting ready for Shirodhara. They pour warm oil into this bowl.

In Shirodhara, they slowly pour oil by stretching neck and leaving head little bit down. Close your eye under the towl and feel the peaceful moment. Head massage is applied for spreading oil on the whole head.




We changed the room for Cream Bath after Shirodhara. The basket has the change of clothes inside.


Cream Bath

At first, wash off Shirodhara oil by shampoo. Then, applying cream which contains ginseng into scalp.

Massage by using thumbs makes you relaxed! If it is too strong, you can just tell the therapist. After that, they steam hair by warm towel. While the steam, they massage your shoulders!

In the end, they dry out your hair by applying tonic after washing off cream by shampoo and conditioner. Then you will go back to the room for Flower Bath!


The triangle shape of bathtub is about 1.8mx0.8m. The bathtub was full of flower petals that they use prayers in Bali.


After the 4 hours treatment, enjoy the meal (mie goreng or nasi goreng).


Hot Stone Massage (1hour)

Hot Stone Massage has the No.1 effect for the relaxsation.

Massage will be done with oil they choose in the counseling.

They place the warmed natural stones on the body to ease the stiffness of the muscle. The total 16 stones were on the body! The body is warmed up from the inside.


Try “Balinese House” style!


Even though many spas are shifting to a modern style, Adi Spa keeps traditional style and atmosphere of Bali. It has a great access from some popular sightseeing spots and is open until 24:00 which is very helpful for tourists who has a busy schedule for a day. Their skilled therapists do not only provide the wonderful treatment, but also good care for children during the treatment, so it is good for familys as well! Enjoy the real Bali style and refresh your body and mind!

* The contents of the report might be changed withour any notice. This report is created with subjective opinions of the reporter which do not suit all the users.


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