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A new spa between Jimbaran and Nusa Dua, “Royal Balinese Spa” is a large-sized spa which has 30 treatment rooms! There are 4 four people treatment rooms and 8 ocean view rooms! HIRO-Chan boss family went to try their super reasonable package, Shirodhara in the four people room and super reasonable 4 hours package in the ocean view room!! Let’s check out their 3 recommended point, casual, reasonable and the ocean view!


Welcome to Royal Balinese Spa!

The spa is 15 minutes from Nusa Dua and 30-40 minutes from Kuta. Arriving by the courtesy car with A.C.


The three storied building has total 30 rooms for the maximum 70 people. The rich design with purple and gold colors are very gorgeous!

Our boss family will check the collaboration package with Royal Balinese Spa and HIRO-Chan! Welcome drink, ginger tea will be served in the large lobby with 5 big couches!

You will fill the counseling sheet which has questioners about health conditions, alleergy and so on on.

After the counseling, going to the treatment room. The wide space is very comfortable!


Check out the rooms and facilities!

There are 25 twin rooms (8 ocean view room), 4 four people rooms and 1 salon.

The difference between the twin and four people rooms is only the area! The both types of the rooms have 2 couches, a bathtub, a shower and a toilet. Each room has a toilet even though the spa has so many rooms!!

The bathtub is for 2 people. Don’t for get! This is a super reasonable spa, so flower petals are little.

The shower is one the left side of the bathtub.

You can leave your bags and clothes in the closet.

The sunshine is coming through the wide window which makes the room bright and even more larger! The four people room is like a standard villa room. If you want to request the ocean view room or the four people room, please, let us know when you book!

(Attention!)They do not have lockers with keys. Please, keep your valuables with you all the time!



Here’s a gorgeous salon with purple and gold color on the first floor. you will have Crean Bath, Manicure and Pedicure in this room!

Let’s start the supre reasonable package!


Only $35! 3 hours treatment including Shirodhara

Royal Ayurvedic (3hours)
  • 1.Bali Foot Wash / 10min
  • 2.Ayurvedic Massage / 60min
  • 3.Shirodhara / 30min
  • 4.Herb Bali Bath / 20min
  • 5.Creme Bath / 60min
  • (Including Ginger Tea or Jasmine Tea)



HIRO-Chan special package, 3 hours treatment course has 30 minutes Shirodhara! The cheapest price used to be $48, but we are now offering it with $35!

You will change into the bathrobe and paper underwears while the therapist is waiting outside of the room.


Shirodhara (30min)




HIRO-Chan boss family tried only Shirodhara in Ayurvedic Massage for the inspection. At first, they put the towel on eyes for preventing that oil going into the eyes. A traditional Indian treatment, Shirodhara uses full of oil which is little bit warmer than body tempurture to improve effect of the relaxsation.


Another supre reasonable package!

HIRO-Chan Sanjiwani (4hours)
1.Bali Foot Wash / 10min
2.Balinese Massage / 90min
3.Flower Body Scrub / 30min (Jasmine/Frangipani/Cempaka)
4.Flower Body Mask / 30min (Jasmine/Frangipani/Rose)
5.Flower Bath / 20min
6.Facial, Reflexology or Cream Bath / 60min
(Including Light Meal & Ginger Tea or Jasmine Tea)



The ocean view room and the twin room which are on the right and left across the passage.


Balinese Massage (90min)

Balinese Massage in Balinese Package ($45/4hours)began in the room on the left.


Flower Body Scrub (30min)

Body Scrub was done in the room on the right! Look at this great ocean view from the treatment room!!!

Scrub is applied on the whole body and wait until it becomes dry. The model said “It only took 5-10 minutes that the scrub became dry, so I didn’t get cold!


Flower Bath (20min)



This is Flower Bath with the ocean view! Look at the models! They are enjoying the view and the relaxing moment at the same time!


Your Choice: Facial (60min)

The female models tried Facial: Cleansing→Tonic→Pealing→Facial Massage→Mask.Tonic and Moisturelizing make skin refreshed in the end!


Your Choice: Reflexology (60min)

It is recommended for men as well! If woman tries Facial, a couple can have the different menus in the same room. They give the massage on the soles of the foot by thumbs.


Your Choice: Cream Bath (60min)

After shampoo, they spread cream (Avocado, Aroe, Ginseng or Strawberry) on the scalp. The models tried Avocado which is recommended for normal hair.

The photo above is the cream they used. During the 15 minutes that the head being steamed by the warm towel to make the cream go into the scapl well, the therapists massage hands and shoulders. After that, it continues to shampoo, conditioner, hair dry and tonic.


Light Meal

You can choose one from nasi goreng, mie goreng and sandwiches in the menus including light meal.

The meal might not be enough for men. You can have it in the treatment room or the lobby.


Finishing the course with Pedicure!

The last menu is Pedicure!  They wash and clean the foot and toes.

After removing the cuticle, they polish the base coat on the toe nails. The beautiful red color goes good with the white skin!

You can relax drinking ginger tea after the treatment.

Q: “How do you feel now after the treatment?”
Mr. D: “I feel so refreshed!! The ocean view with this price is unbelievable!”

Yes! Royal Balinese Spa is the one offers the treatment with the most reasonable prices! Why don’t you try it as well?


Supre reasonable, but great treatment!

HIRO-Chan is offering Royal Balinese Spa menus with the supre reasonable prices, but they still have the great quality which makes customer satisfied! The four people rooms and the ocean view rooms are must to check! The 30 treatment rooms are available that t customers can book in last minutes even in high seasons! Each room is clean and comfortably large like a villa. The access is great from Jimbaran and Nusa Dua, so you can easily come to the spa after trying the popular marine sports or ocean walker by our Driver Service! Don’t miss their great price and quality!!

* The contents of the report might be changed withour any notice. This report is created with subjective opinions of the reporter which do not suit all the users.


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