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Lavender Spa Photo Report | Bali spa

“Lavender Spa ” is in a hotel “Lavender Hotel” on the bypass road running by Korean. The spa area is very large and has treatment rooms, massage rooms and spa villas! If you want to bring your kids, the kids room is available! Their reasonable price is a secret of their popularity among many customers! However, they are often late for picking-up, so if you are ok with it, there is no way you don’t want to miss the great deal of the treatment!


Let’s go to the super reasonable spa!


As you can know from a name of the spa, Lavender Color is their theme! The uniform of the driver is lavender color!

Today, 3 HIRO-Chan staffs, Koni who has been to the spa once, Yu, a spa beginner and Maru as a cameraman visited the spa!

Here is Lavender Hotel near the big crossing towards Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua which is easy to access from all the areas! The spa is behind of the building on the photo.


There is a white building inside of the hotel area which has different atmosphere compared with the busy bypass road and the hotel.

Even though the hotel is like 3 star level, the large quiet spa area surrounded by trees has rich atmosphere!!


(Yu)This is my first spa experience! To be honest, I have no idea what is the difference between spa, esthe and massage, but try my best to report the course!

Here is the spa lobby which became more expansive compared with 2 years ago. The furniture is decorated by lavender color!

(Yu)Once I went into the lobby, gentle fragrance of the aroma, warmed me up! The fragrance was of course lavender! They explained well enough for me to understand about the treatment.

You will fill out the counseling sheet to tell them today’s your condition!

Depending on the courses, you will choose massage oil or design for manicure/pedicure.


Check out the rooms and facilities!

Let’s check the inside of the spa! They have 16 twin treatment tooms, 13 spa villas, 1 massage room with 12 beds and a kids club!

Come to the spa with kids! Kids Club


It made us surprised at this kids space, because it was foot massage room 2 years ago! Childrean can wait here during the treatment, but the spa staffs are not available to watch them.

There are chairs, couches, mattresses, some toys for smaller children, baby beds, TV, magazines and so on. It is all stairwell. The floor is covered with a thick carpet.


NEW! Thai Massage Room


This new massage room next to the kids room is for Thai massage and foot massage. It has 12 rooms and is all stairwell. The spaces are devided by curtains.


Spa Villa for Last Day Plan

This is a villa for the popular course, Pool Villa Package. Villas are the inner part of the spa. Let’s go through the green tunnel to check it out!

A standard Balinese villa including a pool and a gazebo!

There are a wood swing, a table set and daybeds outside.

The villa has a bedroom and a bathroom. Look at the bed with the roof!

The bathroom is all glass which is a popular style among modern Balinese villas. The bathtub is little bit smaller for 2 people.


Twin Treatment Room (24㎡)

Aftere checking the rooms and facilities, we finally went to the room for today’s treatment! Look at the gorgeous curtains and the lavender color of the beds!

The room is 4m×6=24㎡ which is a wide enough for 2 people! The purple cover of the beds, the white wall and the wood furniture will make you calm!
(Yu)I don’t even know whether this room is great, because I have never been to other spas, but it is wide and the quiet music is very comfortable!

Koni’s Check 1! Toilet
I check whether rooms has a toilet all the time, because if they don’t, we have to put a gawn and go outside of the treatmentroom which stop the relaxing moment.

Koni’s Check 2! Lockers
You want to keep your valuebles such as a wallent, a cellphone and accessories with you during the treatment. There are many spas that each treatment rooms has lockers with keys, but here in Lavender Spa, you will leave your bags and clothes in this closet. I wanted to keep my bags where I could watch, so I put them on the side table.


Koni’s Check 3! Gawn
It is important for me to check whether a gawn is comfortable to wear. You won’t wear it for oil massage and scrub, but there are menus such as facial, foot massage, pedicure and so on that you have with a gawn on. Their gawn we got was too thick and little wet. We cannot complain about it, because this is a super reasonable spa!


I wasn’t expecting to be naked and wear this paper underwear! It is normal when people take spa courses, but it wan’t very comfortable for me.

Koni’s Check 3! Size of the bathtub
You make a time for enjoying a relaxing moment, so don’t forget to check a size of the bathtub! It gets sunshine through the roof and this bathtub is wide enough for 2 people!


The shower is next to the bathtub divided by a curtain.

Are these facilities good for you? Let’s begin the treatment!!


No. 1 menu among couples! paradise Lavender

Paradise Lavender (4hours)
  • 1. Flower Foot Bath with Salt and Oil (10min)
  • 2. Balinese Massage with Sensual Oil (60min)
  • 3. Body Scrub + Milk Body Polish (30min)
  • 4. relaxation Facial (60min)
  • 5. Manicure, Pedicure or Reflexology (60min)
  • 6. Ginseng Floral Jacuzzi Bath (20min)
  • 7. Ginger Tea & Cookie

They washed foot and legs by the warm water with flower petals, and scrubed heels and insteps by lavender color salt.

(Yu) My first foot bath experience was great! Koni said the water was too cold, but I could feel my foot were getting warmer from inside.

Balinese Massage with aroma oil. The therapist was an expert, so the massage was perfect! Their therapists understand English, so you can just request them strength in English.

(Yu) I have never had an oil massage, so it was ticklish until I got used to it. However, it was very relaxing and made my body and mind refreshed!

After the oil massage, we moved on to scrub which is one of the traditional treatment in Bali. They spread iquid that natural products and herbs was dissolved on a whole body and scrub it after it gut dried. Wastes will be removed by scrubding, so skin becomes smoother! It ends with milk mask moistures the skin.

(Yu) My skin really became cleaner, because I could actually see the removied wastes. The skin is now smoother for real after that, but I couldn’t help myself not laughing when they spread the liquid on my body.

This size of buthtub with the price is great! You don’t want to miss it! The flower bath in the photo has many flower petals, but this is a sample! It will be less petals in actuality!
(Yu) Flower bath is a great way to lead you into a relaxation. I didn’t fall in love with the atmosphere, but girls will like it for sure!

Facial (Cleansing→Tonic→Cleam Massage→Mask) began after we changed into the gawn. The mask will be driend after about 10 minutes, so they peeled the clear film.

(Yu)As a man, I don’t really take care of my skin daily, so it probably had lots of wastes. I could see my skin shining after the facial.

The end of the course is your choice of 60 minutes menu. Koni had prdicurte and Yu tried reflexology. It is great for a couple to have different courses right next to each other!

They had about 20 samples for manicure and pedicure. You can choose your favorite color and design!

They removed the old pedicure and care toe nails by cream. Then, color was done!


Look at the flowers on the toe nails! It was much cuter than Koni expected!!

(Yu) I wanted to try pedicure, too!!!!! No, just kidding! I tried reflexology. As I felt in the foot bath, the massaging foot made me very relaxed!

The total 4 hours massage went quick! It was great that we stayed in one room for a whole time to have different types of the treatment.

(Yu) My first spa experience finished before I could find a way to enjoy, but my skin became smoother and I feel my body is lighter!

Enjoy ginger tea and cookies before Leaving the spa!


They drove us back by a clean and comfortable car! Thank you very much!


Check out the restaurant!

You will go to this restaurant for the packages including meals such as Last Day Plan.

There are The Balinese style of the tables and chairs around the fountain!
(Yu) The restaurnt is very quiet which is same with the spa. I could feel nice wind.

Hamburg Steak Set, Indonesian Set



This is Pasta Set (Spaghetti Bolognese) which was good like the one at chain restaurants.

(Yu)I tried Nasi Goreng which is the most popular food in Indonesia! They seasoned it good enough.


Don’t expect everything perfect!

There is nothing to complain about the rooms, the therapists and their service. The treatment room and the bathroom are both wide, and the bathtub is big enough to be able to enjoy the relaxing moment.
I was disappointed that they did not have a locker to leave valuables. The gawn was little bit wet and a corner of the bathroom was little dirty. Note that they are sometimes late for picking-up. However, if you take the spa as “Super Reasonable Spa”, they provide good service and treatment! This spa is for people like “I don’t care about small things, but the treatment!” I am sure you will be satisfied with the spa courses.


I could be relaxed, but a feeling of shamefulness came as well. It was not easy for me to be almost naked in front of therapists. The foot reflexology was my favorite! I believe men prefer stronger pressure massage instead of stroking one to remove the tiredness from the body.
After the long flight to Bali, this will be a good start of your holiday refreshing your foot and legs. Also, taking the treatment here on your last day in Bali will be great, because they have Last Day Plan. Enjoy the spa courses as a treat for yourself or someone important!


Lavender spa is close from the airport, so we usually recommend for a last day in Bali or a day you spend time in Kuta for shopping or enjoying the beach. Going to lunch or dinner to Kuta or Seminyak is also a good plan before or after the treatment.
The big treatment room with the wide bathtub seems very comfortable! They have various menus including the package in villa. The pool villa package is good for family guests. Everything seems perfect, but they often late for picking-up, so I can say that their quality of the treatment is great, but the management is little bit cheap. If you can understand it, this spa will be great!

* The contents of the report might be changed withour any notice. This report is created with subjective opinions of the reporter which do not suit all the users.


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