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On April 20th, I joined Land Rover Touring in PADDY ADVENTURE! Talking of reports, I have had exercise-type covering such as rafting and cycling. This time, I just ride on the car and enjoy great view… How nice it is!!! I visited small villages which I have never been, and adventured in unknown nature land!!


Just after pick-up, the tour starts! Depend on the area, but usually they pick-up around 8:00 am. They offer the private car, so you never share the car with other group of people. Back seat. On the passenger seat, guide sits down so the maximum applicants is 4. The car doesn’t have AC, but if we open windows, cool wind comes through!

I arrived at Tanah Lot Temple! The famous kelepon (Balinese sweet with sugar cane syrup), 3 packs for Rp.10,000. Tanah Lot Temple is my most favorite temple! It’s great to visit again and again!!

This is the shrine where the sacred snake living in. To see the snake, we have to donate money, so just taking picture from outside… Another famous temple, Batu Bolong Temple is next to Tanah Lot Temple! The big hole on the cliff is erosion of wave for long time.

For 20 min. by car, I arrived at Pejaten Village to north from Tanah Lot Temple. This village is famous for making clay roofing tiles.

For Balinese house, this kind of clay roof tiles are often used.

The material for making tiles is the red clay soil that distribute around this area. Using this pressing machine, make the shape of roof tile.

They bake the shaped roof tiles in a kiln for 4 days. 1,5000 roof tiles can be done at one time!

Depend on the kind of tile, they pint. The elderly man who must be the head of this house paints one by one.

Here is the gorgeous roof tails! Maybe, for Chinese style house?

On the way, it’s time to be little bit hungry so having a break! I eat cheese bread and drink mineral water in the rice terrace. Tasty! From Pejaten Village to Krambitan Village, I can step in the wild nature little by little.

View of passing window is simple Bali’s nature that has neverchanged from long time ago. Here is full of pure nature.
I have a chance to see such a view, that’s really luxurious!!

This is the mountain road that a few car uses. Local woman brings a big baggage on her head. ‘I want to take pictures with my favorite camera!’ I recommend this tour for you, too.

Throughout many villages, forest, and rice terrace, I arrive at the restaurant in 13:40 pm! Lunch menu is Chicken Soup, Nasi Campur, and drink. I took a light meal on the way, so this lunch set is good portion for me!

Usually, Land Rover Touring is the end after stopping by the hot spring, and go back to the hotel. Today, I have to join ATV after that, so I finished Land Rover in here.

From this healing activity, I realized that the beauty of Bali and depth of Bali!! Even I’m living in Bali, I cannot visit such a place or cannot see such a view. I think that Bali is nice place to offer such a impression to me!! When I was surrounded by beautiful nature, I really felt Bali of Gods’ land.

On the way of touring, the car had an engine stall and pull down to the slope, but the driver is professional. He drove the car with good technique on the bad road, and we had no problem! Maybe, normal car’s driver cannot drive such a place.

About Land Rover , the price is higher than regular rental car with driver. I was wondering that what the differences, but I think that there are many places in Bali where we cannot visit by the regular car. In addition, for the rental car, you order the place you want to visit, on the other hand, for Land Rover , you may excite to know where they bring you next. In other word, you can ask to visit Jati Luwih by the rental car, but you cannot pass such a narrow rural road.

I recommend for this tour for family and couples, and you can enjoy wild nature of Bali! (Except people who easily get car sick.)

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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