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On April 20, 2009, I tried ATV Ride in PADDY ADVENTURE! For 2 hours from Jimbaran, I arrived at the starting point of Jati Luwih where deep-green rice field place. Right after I arrived there, it starts rain… I felt little bit blue, but I joined ATV Ride which is held regardless of rain with free rental rain courts!♪


Here is the starting point of ATV.
There are a playing garden for kids, locker & hot shower, and the restaurant.


In present, they have 15 ATV, and they can accept maximum 30 people of a group! The bodies of car are small, but they look powerful.

For people who want to enjoy riding more than 1.5 hours or for children, they are preparing this track course. It will open on June.

I had confident !
that I cannot drive it myself, so I ask the instructor, Oka, to drive for me and I take a seat behind him!

If you are not good at driving, you can ride with the instructor, like this. (Riding fee is as same as the regular single ride fee.)

Around the starting point, the road is flat. We drive through deep-green jungle.
Oh, maybe, I’m not scared like this road… My thinking was changed in 3 min. When I see the forward, we are ahead to the weird slope which we cannot see the road!

Are you sure, we go down such a steep slope? There are many big rocks!? It’s really muddy!!? Ahhhhhh!!!! Oh, my god!!! ・・・

We overcome down slopes and bumping road, here we have picture time on the flat road. I just sit down on the driver’s seat, but not drive!! Left foot gear change. Many women can do it themselves. I admire them!!

Adventure goes on. Now, we go down from the road to the stream!! ATV can drive in the water!!? The width of stream is just about same size that ATV can go through. Be careful on your feet, not to be hit by rocks!

Looking around the view, we drive in the beautiful rice field. This stream looks flat, however, there are so many rocks on the ground which cause big bumping!! We are going forward on the way of no road!

←It was rainy, so there is nice muddy puddle.

Forget about the resort mood, just enjoy as a child!! I also get out from blue mood!

Local farmers pass to us with smiling. I feel 100 % rural Bali atmosphere.

This picture is our accompany, Ms. Nishida’s legs. How miserable legs with mad…

Sandals are also taken off the impact of bumping, so I think you had better wear sandals holding heels or shoes. Maybe, wearing half pants, even wearing bathing suits under your clothes is good idea.

On the half way of the course, we take a break in this field.
There is not many obstacles, so we can play a little bit rough driving.

The last half riding is enjoying view of rice field.
I have never walked on such a lovely path if I didn’t join ATV tour…
I’m happy to come here! But, no more dropping, please!!

The last half of the course, there is no screaming point, and I enjoy the view. The time passed quick, nice ATV Ride.
Thanks for Oka, he gave me experience of the thrilling but safe ATV Ride! I was wearing the rain court, so I get wet only lower half of jeans pants. In sunny day, you don’t wear the court, so you need to bring new clothes for change!!
There is hot shower for washing muddy body, though.

Eating lunch at the restaurant next to the building. They serve simple menu, soup, Nasi Campur, and drink. That was good portion for me! Taking picture with Mount Batukau for back! But, we cannot see it because of fog.

I tried the real ATV Ride for the first experience in my life. It was little rain when I started, but regardless of rain, we get wet at the end. So, weather is not big deal for this activity!

I thought that ATV is just driving on the up and down road, but actually, it was thrilling and fun to experience nature. I was really impressed!! It must be fun to join with couples and fiends, and also group rides with ranging of some ATVs! You can speed, and bumping on the drop point, so if you want to have wild activity in Bali, you should try!!

Please do not wear your favorite cloth! Aiko reported today.

●○Report Memo○●
In order to write this page, I researched about ATV, how to ride and what the special features. We can ride ATV on the public road if we apply to the public office! In addition, we don’t need the inspection for ATV!! In Japan, we can purchase it 200,000 yen ~ ($200), recently, the elderly people are interesting to buy ATV. If we can have own ATV, we can go out with adventure mood!(´▽`)

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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