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June 15th, 2009, I visited BALI RAFTING, that the fourth covering about Telagawaja Rafting. They offer the second cheapest price as Telagawaja River Rafting, including free shuttle service, 12 km rafting, and lunch buffet. The course menu is same as other companies, so what’s the difference? I’m curious!! Telagawaja River attracts me now!


7:30 am, I left my office in Jimbaran, and 7:50 am, arrive at a hotel in Kuta! 3 persons ride on there, and 4 persons join us from another hotel. 8 of us go ahead to Telagawaja River! Usually it’s cool (sometimes, cold) in the car, so I bring a long sleeve shirt. Beside Ubud area, all shuttle cars stop by the office in Sanur, and pay fees in there. Sanur office accept credit card, but the reception in Telagawaja River doesn’t accept the card, so if you join from Ubud area, please bring cash.

We arrive at 10:00 am! We passed the village road and go into the narrow road, it locates in Langsat village. Here is the reception. I cannot figure out if they are staffs or just village persons, but many young guys are waiting.

I drink free Bali coffee, meanwhile, the instruction lectures started. The staff is holding a red backpack which is the water-proof bag for bringing to the rafting boat. Put valuables into this backpack, and leave others into the car. English information is available.

Check bathroom, after change my clothes. Indonesian style WC, flush-water, however, there is no tissue, so bring your own. It doesn’t look clean.

Dressing room check! There is nothing beside a bench, and ladies’ WC at the end. If you hesitate to change your clothes here, you had better change them in your hotel beforehand. After changing, leave big belongings in the car. Driver brings them to the ending point, and we can receive them at the restaurant.

In case of BALI RAFTING, you have to decide if you buy rafting pictures or not before start rafting. Price is Rp.35,000/ per picture. While waiting other applicants, I prepared 3 items for rafting. Equipments are left outside, so most of them are old.

Everybody is prepared, we leave to Telagawaja River!! We climb down stone stairs.

I asked “How many steps of this stair?” to the guide and he answered, “400.” Umm? Not 40, did he say 400?! I counted to check by myself, then, there are 363 steps.

However, many steps = climbing down from higher place, so it is the great view of jangle and Telagawaja Valley! Be careful on your steps and go down slowly! We are ahead to the starting point. (the point of arrow mark in the picture)

The starting point is the top of the rock step. Other rafting companies that start from upper stream also stop this point to avoid the rock step. And walk down once they get off their boats. The red boat is the basic one. Adjust the air pressure, and practice how to row and safety information in case of drop from the boat in English. We wait other companies’ boats passed, start rafting!

This time, I try rafting after an interval of 1.5 months. It’s really fun!! Other applicants from Europe, Australia, Japan, Asia, and so on. Really international.

I ride on the boat with Australian family. Maybe, the guide’s control is rough, we hit bath side of rocks. But kids love that and laugh a lot!! ( ^∇^) ♪

We pass bamboo bridges many times, hit rocks, and get wet… finally, we arrive at the break point! Almost all rafting company in Telagawaja River take a break in here, so many companies are mixed.

During break time, we can take out staffs from the water-proof bag, so we can buy drinks and take pictures. I took picture in front of the waterfall with today’s guide, Joe. Sometimes, I see people stand under the waterfall… Enjoy your free time!

Of course, the highlight is 4 m rock step!! We leave oars to Joe, lay down bottom of the boat and grab the rope to prepare the moment… It’s just a short time, but little bit scared!! And cold to wet(; ̄ロ ̄)!!

After the big drop, the river flowing goes slower and calm. We flow down tributary of Telagawaja River, there is the finishing point of BALI RAFTING. Huu… To eat lunch, we have to overcome 130 steps of stairs… and it’s steep slope!
We have to be done to get lunch!( ̄▽ ̄;)

Reach to the uphill, we can see this beautiful view!!! The big river on the left side of this picture is Telagawaja River, and the finishing point is the just short distance to flow tributary on the right side.
The big volume of water cultivates rice harvesting. It’s awesome.

Arrive at the restaurant. It’s chilly, so anyway, receive towel and change clothes. There are two shower places inside and outside, not separated by sex. Today’s cold-water shower was too cold for me, so I just didn’t take shower. Dressing room is simple structure.
It’s better to bring plastic bag for wet clothes.

Balinese architecture restaurant has great view! When I finish changing clothes and go there, there are some empty dish pots. However, I wait for a while, then hot dishes come! Drink is not included, so please order by yourself.
Beer (big) RP.30,000
Beer (small) RP.20,000
Cola RP.12,000


Sate (baked meat stick), Croquette, Chicken stir fry, Capcai, Mie Goreng, and Nasi Goreng, etc. all 10 dishes buffet. Taste is okay. You receive pictures that you ordered at the starting point. After lunch, we go back to home… but we have another stairs to parking!! 70 steps more, then, just feel relax in the car. (≡^∇^≡)

I enjoyed rafting after an interval!! The view was changed from 1.5 months ago, such as big tree fallen down and seasonal fruit grow… I could feel change of season.

Reasonable price, BALI RAFTING. Many staff members and guides are from the local area, and whole village support the rafting business. As they offer very cheap price, buildings and facilities tend to be old. However, I didn’t feel inconvenient to use them although they are old. Most of the guides were not wearing uniforms and look like very local people, but they have good rafting skill, so I could enjoy thrilling rafting without worry. In addition, you should wear comfortable shoes for long stairs!!

If you want to enjoy Telagawaja River with reasonable price and also seek good service and facilities beside rafting… I recommend this course for you!

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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