May 2nd, 2009, this is the third time covers Telagawaja River; I visited BALI INTERNATIONAL RAFTING. They belong to the same cooperation of CLUB AQUA which offers Sea Walker, and the activity fee is little bit higher. However, we can flow down 16 km long and don’t need to climb up and down long stairs, which is really attractive for me. I covered Telagawaja River on the other day and I overcame the fear of Telagawaja River. I could try rafting with enough brave on the day!!


The shuttle car is this “CLUB AQUA” car. It’s nice and clean car! On the way, we stop by the office in Sanur and check-in. We passed beautiful rice terrace in Bukit Jambul, and arrived at Telagawaja River! The starting point is just next to TELAGAWAJA ADVENTURES.

There are free coffee and tea, so help yourself. We take lecture of rafting instruction. Today’s instructor is Komang. Staffs can speak English also. They have TV report in this afternoon!!

They give English instruction papers, so we can also check written information! They give English instruction papers, so we can also check written information! I wear bathing suit beforehand as usual, so it’s easy to change clothes! This is the dressing room. Looks little old, though.

Dressing room and WC are old, but not inconvenient.

After finish changing clothes, we leave belongings into the big bag and ask to bring them by car. (Left picture) They take really careful about the valuables. I bring my camera, and they wrap my camera by 3 layers of plastic bags and put it into the water-proof bag. However, in case of getting damaged, they don’t offer compensation. Please make sure about it!

INTERNATIONAL RAFTING is famous about well experienced rafting guides. Yeah, actually, other companies’ guides are mostly young, but in this company’s guides have 10 years and 15 years rafting experience!

↓↓I wear bathing suits + Hiro-chan T-shirt and short pants. I bought the sandals which hold heels. ♪

This is the sandal, Rp.40,000. It is made by really light material, like a sponge. Go to the river from just behind reception! Great!! Climbing up and down stairs make me so tired than rafting.

We are divided by groups, given safety instruction and practiced rowing and signs. Ready to go!!

After 200 m rafting, we face to the big rock step, so take off the boat and walk down beside the rock step. But, it just a short distance!

The guide is really reliable and safe atmosphere to enjoy rafting. That’s why many tourists choose this company!

In 50 min., arrive at the break point. TELAGAWAJA ADVENTURES also takes a break at the same place.

There are some applicants already drink beer, taking with guides, and taking pictures by the waterfalls… Everybody enjoy free time!

After the break point, flowing down for 1 hour. Here we are, the 4m rock step dropping!!

Before we flow down, stop once and lie down on the bottom of boat with holding oars which ahead to the guide. And then, the rock step!! Before we drop, we cannot see ahead so really scary, but it’s over very quickly.

TELAGAWAJA ADVENTURES arrives at the finish point just after dropping rock step, however, INTERNATIONAL RAFTING still has long journey from here! Still 4 km left…! The starting point is in jungle, but while flowing down, we can see fruit field, and farmers. Especially, after passing the rock step, water flowing is slow, so we can enjoy the view of rice terrace.

On the way of rafting, I can see family taking bath in the river, a big saurian on the rock, colorful small flowers, and the waterfalls flowing from cliff, etc… I love such a view!! I recommend the view of Telagawaja River than Ayung River! \(^▽^)/

After 30 min. from the rock step, the water flowing becomes slow and finish rafting. It was long time rafting! Just 100 steps for climbing up stairs!! And the shower room is really clean!

I would say, beautiful more than clean. They moved the finish point 2 years ago, so the building is still new. Shower is cold water, by the way.

Next to the shower building is the small restaurant. We can enjoy rice field view with calm atmosphere. There are not many varieties of dishes, however, each dish has different great taste.

Buffet includes drink, mineral water bottle, coffee, and tea. It’s really organized table and dishes, and good smiles of staffs…. The course price is little bit high because they offer such a great service.

Surrounded by rice field view, take slow-time lunch. In the field, ears of rice are just before harvesting!


This is my plate. Of course, I finished all! Typical Indonesian food, Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Capcai, Curry Ayam, and Sate Ayam, etc.

This is the memorial picture of BALI INTERNATIONAL RAFTING! The rock step behind us is the first rock that we walked to avoid. This picture size is the same about original one. If you want, you can purchase for RP.35,000 at the restaurant. Many foreign tourists apply BALI INTERNATIONAL RAFTING. Comparing to other companies, the price is little bit higher, but I could understand that the value of the price. They offer really good service, such as clean shuttle cars, good support from staffs and guides, care for our valuables, the cleanliness of shower and restaurant, etc…

They organized overall detailed service, so if you seek good service throughout the all rafting activity, you should choose this company. In addition, the rafting course is 16 km long, which is 4 km longer than other companies, and I should say it again, it’s very easy to climbing up and down stairs!! You think you don’t want to get tired other than rowing rafting boat, you should choose this company!!

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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