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September 12, 2010. This time, Mr. Y, who was joined Harley Tour last time, visited Bali again from Chiba, Japan. 1 bike for Mr. Y, 2 police, 1 Hiro-chan, and 4 Harley members; all 8 bikes’ Harley Touring! Moreover, we took the west Bali course for the first time! We drove to the north along the seashore road, Gilimanuk ~ Singaraja ~ Bedugul. We had rain on the way, but we enjoyed!!


Meeting at Dewata Harley, morning on Sep. 12

Meet at Dewata Harley, 8:30 am! It locates in front of DFS Galleria Bali in Kuta.

Escort police is already stand-by. 2 police motor bikes escort us today, too.

From the left, police Ardika, Harley member Yande, Mami-chan & Hiro-chan. I ride on the backseat with Yandi, SOFTAIL. I bring clothes for change in case of rain, but SOFTAIL doesn’t have space to put belongings, so I put my clothes on FLHTCU of Harley member Agung. It’s important to prepare for the rain & avoiding coldness!!


To the west part of Bali, Gilimanuk

Leaving at 9:00 am, Harley members pass Denpasar to Tabanan.

Mami-chan wears a mask to avoid dirt and dust. Without mask, your face becomes dirty while touring.

Drive through Kapal and Krambitan in great nature. Around there, it’s easy road without up-and down or steep curve. It’s very hot and strong sunshine, but during driving, blowing wind so we wear long sleeve shirt.

Mr. Y from Chiba, Japan! He is an active person; although today is his departure day, he joins Harley Touring!! In Japan, he often drives in Gifu and Nagano. He is Agung driving FLHTCU, which my belongings are in. He is the regular member of Harley Tour!

It’s the view of Bali Island☆
We can see Hindu temples, tropical jungle river, and green farm land, etc. Children find us and wave hands sometimes! I have lived in Bali for 3 years, and I’m always healed with this landscape of the touring (´▽`*)

Going to the north, we cannot see cars. Police escorts us, so we can pass the red light and opposite-line of road!! Hiro-chan’s Harley Tour is the only tour in the world (?) that we can drive with speed in the great view!!

Tabanan is the biggest farm area of Bali. It’s wide view of farm.

We take the route by the ocean after passing Soka village! There is the Indian Ocean over rice field.

Harley members drive with speed of 80 to 100 km/h. It just takes 2 hours and 10 min. from Kuta to Gilimanuk, the west end of Bali. If you drive a car, it may take 3 to 4 hours to get there!

There is the ferry port to Java. We go to a small café “Warung Betutu Men Tempeh” near the ferry port to eat Ayam Betutu which is famous food of Gilimanuk♪

This is Ayam Betutu! It’s one of the famous food of Bali, the baked chicken with lemon grass wrapped with banana leaf. It’s really delicious and very spicy! Well, beyond spicy, it’s taste pain… but I want to eat again because it’s tasty.

Personally, I love this Sambal Mata. It’s the raw chili sauce of Bali, and of course, SPICY and thumbs up! I was happy to eat Ayam Betutu and Sambal Mata in here☆


Gilimanuk ~ Singaraja



Harley members taste Betutu and feel spicy pain in our mouth. From here, we take the route along with the north seashore road to Singaraja where 85 km apart! It starts rain, but this is the way to go!

“TAMAN NASIONAL BALI BARAT” means the East Bali National Park. Actually, it’s national park around this wide area.

Rain is getting heavy, so we stop bikes on the side of road and prepare for rain. Everybody gets used to such a situation and wears rain court.

He is Eka who joined the 10th Harley Tour. Same as me, he doesn’t have rain court!

We stop by the gas stand and fill fuel.

From Gilimanuk to Singaraja, we had heavy rain all the way! Although it’s in Bali, touring with wet clothes is very chilly! I need rain court!!

Because of the rain, we drive slow and safe, 60 km/h. Passed Lovina and 2 hours later, we arrive at Singaraja. Take a break with the famous food, Siobak.


Singaraja famous food Siobak has boiled pork and fried pork innards with the special sauce, and eating with rice. The thick sauce is sweet, little herb taste and spicy chili. As Singaraja is the original place of Siobak, it was the most delicious one that I have eaten! You can try Siobak in the south resort area of Bali, so if you find it, try Siobak☆


Singaraja ~ Bedugul

With tasty Siobak and hot tea, Harley members recover energy again. In 3:00pm, it stops rain and leave! From here, we drive to south through Bedugul.

It’s up-hill mountain road from Singaraja to Bedugul! There are many curves and it’s the course for the middle level experienced riders.

On the day, Indonesia is in the Islam holiday of Idul Fitri, so we meet heavy traffic jam of tourists from Java! Meanwhile, police bike control cars, and Harley members drive on the opposite line of road.

We enter Bedugul for 40 min. It’s the area of fruit farming, and in Bedugul Market, many kinds of fruit are sold. We drive down Bedugul while seeing jungle under the hill. Around here, the height is about 1500m and very cool during daytime also. Especially, after rain, it’s chilly.

After passing Bedugul, it’s just quick driving! Through Mengwi and Kerobokan, in 1 hour, we arrive at Dewata Harley. We had rain, but we didn’t have any trouble such as falling down. All enjoyed touring♪

Mr. Y will go back to Japan later today. Thank you very much for joining the tour on the busy schedule! At the end, take memory pictures! We are happy to drive in the 13th Harley Tour!!


Check Points of Harley Touring

  1. Helmets are prepared with the bike, but we don’t offer globes and san glasses. Please bring your own d as your needs!
  2. Do not wear sandals and slippers. It’s dangerous. Please wear shoes!
  3. It’s windy more than you expect and it’s chilly in the higher land. We recommend you to bring your jacket!
  4. Bali’s weather changes quickly, so you may better to prepare clothes for change!



This is the 5th time covering for Harley Tour.
We had rain the last half of the tour in this time, but during the first half, we could drive under the clear sky with 100km/h speed. It was exciting touring along the seashore road!

In the course this time, there were up-hill corner from Singaraja to Bedugul, however, Mr. Y and all Harley members already got use to such a mountain road and kept smooth driving. We didn’t have trouble at all on the way of traffic jam with police escort, and passed red lights, cross-road, and drove the opposite line of road. It’s only Hiro-chan Harley Tour and we enjoyed a lot♪ This was the second time entry of the tour for Mr. Y. We are waiting the day of meeting you again!!

By the way, I rode on SOFTIL for 8 hours on the day, and my body and bottom had severe pain… After ended up the tour, I directly went to the massage store. If you try tandem touring, you had better to choose the motor bike with backseat (side seat also, if possible)!! Next Harley Tour will be the end of year 2010☆★

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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