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November 22,2010.We came here to make a report after one and a half year ago!And now we make a report(elephant ride+rafting package) of Ayung River Rafting Company.We enjoyed rafting after join elephant ride for about 30 minutes in the morning.This report is focused on rafting scenes taken with an underwater camera and renovated facilities at Ayung River Rafting Company.




After joined elephant ride at elephant camp in the same location,we came to this rafting reception desk.Here we signed the agreement in English,and got a bottle of mineral water then go to the changing room.Koni has already changed clothes in the car so no need to change clothes anymore.


Here is changing room & toilet.The building is the same place as when i came here at the first time but there is a little bit of changes on layout.

Changing room is built with no partition as wall or curtain.Just put belongings on the bench and then change the clothes. Changing room for men is the same style.The toilet is very dirty….. and is built badly,the door cannot close properly. It is better go to toilet at elephant camp before come here.


The car takes luggage such as cosmetics,change of clothes to rafting finish point. Put a number tag on the belongings which has the same number with wristbands like in the picture.


At the room next reception desk coffe,tea,mineral water and snack are available for free.Take a break until departure time while enjoy a breathtaking view of Ayung Valley.After all participants are ready then go to safety equipment room.


Ayung River Rafting Company’s Safety Equipment

Three points of rafting outfit jacket,helmet and oar in the color red.Honestly,this equipment is very old! but just because old,it doesn’t mean broken or the function is not well.Personally i think it is Okay because this rafting at a very affordable rate.I don’t care about it!,what about you??

The guide helped to wear life jacket. Rafting outfit,complete! and wearing simple sandals.

Guide kept the belongings that is brought into the boat.First,the guide puts it into this small waterproof bag…..

then,put the small waterproof bag into this backpack.The belongings packed in two bags!

Used the oar as stick,go down 450 stairs.

When the knees felt so hard and cannot bear it anymore,eventually arrived at Ayung River! Boats which leave first are doing safety training.

Well,one of frequently questions asked by guests is”I cannot speak English,is it possible to join the activity? Although you cannot speak English you can join this activity! Body language is also used in the training,so although we don’t understand the words,can understand what we want to say. They use Asian English so it is easy to understand.

The words used in rafting are 「maekogi-」 「ushirokogi-」 「horudo(hold/stop rowing)」(tsuna nitsukamatte!)」 Isn’t it Japanese!?

The guide checked air pressure of boat made by HOJO. 1 boat for 4 to 6 people,one guide for each boat.

It is dangerous wearing sandals,barefoot and put the sandals into waterproof backpack,and it is put at the bow like on the picture!

If compare with other rafting on Ayung River,White water rafting of Ayung River Company starts at the most upstream of the river.It seems that it was rainning yesterday.the quantity of water is larger.Get into the boat and go!!!


Take many pictures using an underwater camera! Rafting Scene

We used a new underwater camera to take pictures for this report!
First half until break point,we took pictures of relief on the stone,can see a bright blue Kingfisher,deep jungle scenery,waterfall and other interesting sceneries.

At break point,participants can swim like on the picture above,smoking and also take the camera from waterproof bag and take pictures. Local people come to sell drinks,Ayung River Rafting Company doesn’t have responsibility with the purchase.The drinks cost at Rp20,000 to Rp.30,000.The river water was a little cold,but we didn’t feel cold when coming into the water!!

The first half of activity was cloudy,the sun hiding behind the cloud so it was a little cold!Play near the waterfall,hit the rock and the guide hits fell into the river and enjoying the situation♪ All the participants in the boat were very happy to enjoy the activity,although with people who we don’t know before.In the end of route,there is a point to take picture,Don’t forget to pose in front of the camera☆ It takes about one a nd a half hour to get finish point from departure.The second half,the sun hiding behind cloud,it was a little cold.


After get off the boat and put on sandals,give the safety equipment back to guide,go up the stair.210 stairs that was very difficult to bear a tired body after rafting.Just go up the stairs in silence!!!


I was impressed with this changing room which become beautiful after renovation!

Then we arrived at the restaurant and changing room. At first the belongings are put on the rack like thisJust give the wristbands to take belongings back and free towel for use,


After restaurant at Elephant Camp,something that impressed is changing room. It was renovated,and become very beautiful now!

A new and clean toilet with hot shower!! (Left side picture)
First time when we came here the toilet was…..

It was shower room like this,I am impressed! (Right side picture)

The toilet is clean,do not hesitate to use it. Hair dryer is also available in rest room!


Old facilities at Ayung River Company was renovated and become so beautiful like this!!!
We cannot recommend changing room and toilet at start point,facilities at finish point is very comfortable to use,make cold body warm♪


Want to eat viking soon!


In the end of rafting we took many pictures,and now time is already 2.30.Lunch time is waiting! Usually luch time comes earlier,「elephant+rafting」 starts in the early morning so the participants may get hungry.So let’s have a big breakfast at the hotel!!


11 kinds of food are available,all you can eat!

11 kinds of food such as mie goreng ( Indonesian Fried Noodles),nasi goreng(Indonesian Fried Rice),sate,etc are available on this day♪

Lunch includes soft drink such as coke,sprite,fanta and mineral water.Beer is subject to additional charge,large beer Rp.40,000,small beer Rp.30,000.

Viking menu includes pumpkin soup,watermelon,papaya and other fruits,also coffee & tea.

Drizzle was falling from the middle of activity,if it stops it is good to sit on the terrace! Having lunch and enjoyed fresh air and green nature.

Here is the photograph for sale.,Rp.50,000/piece.
It also can be a good memories with that funny face ! ! I don’t join this activity for a long time,but i think it is fun♪
Thank You.


Rafting of Ayung River Rafting Company is long!

Rafting of Ayung River Rafting Company is long!
The other company’s rafting will soon arrive at stone relief after start,but Ayung River Rafting Company’s rafting starts at long distance from the stone relief,5 kilometers from break point and 4 kilometers at the second half. We don’t have to row much,so we can enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Personally i was very glad because i can see Kingfisher twice,and see the traces of landslide that occured two weeks ago and driftwood.And renovation of changing room can be the high point!I think the body is cold after rafting,it is good to take a hot shower that make the body warm!

Changing room and toilet at start point is not clean,safety equipment is old although it doesn’t matter with the function and go up&down the stairs may become consideration points.We can also change clothes at the hotel,with a very affordable rate I think it doesn’t matter with old equipment!It is recommended to the people who want to join activity at a very affordable price.I think i want to go to massage after rafting!


Rafting,First in My Lifetime! Company Partner Staff S-chan Comment.

This time,i tried my first rafting!
Playing at the river is my favorite,I thought full-fledged rafting needs tecniques.but everyone can enjoy rafting! In fact,rafting itself is not so difficult.Rafting conducted by experienced professional guide,Ayung River is full of nature,it is recommended to people who love nature.!

But,I think elderly and who are not feeling fit,that long stairs can be a little problem.In fact it needs to go up and down to do this activity….so if we try a little harder,it’s worth to challange.For me who has anemia and has no good stamina,fatigue can be 100% and got muscle pain in leg.It can be a good experience can enjoyed this activity safely..If you join rafting,i recommend you to apply set with massage.

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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