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On March, 2009, I visited BALI ADVENTURE on the day!
BALI ADVENTURE is the biggest activity company in Bali. They offer many activities which cover all Bali fun activities, such as rafting, kayak, cycling, and trekking, etc. About Rafting, they are the first company to start rafting tour in Bali, and they have over 20-year results. Moreover, they have Elephant Safari Park in Taro village near Ubud and protect many Sumatra Elephants. In the park, we can ride on elephants, take pictures, and feed to them… We can have great experience with elephants. Today, I enjoy the most popular Rafting & Elephant Safari Park tour package!


Go to the check-in point by the shuttle car with AC! I wear T-shirt, short pants on top of bathing suit and sneakers. Here is the building of BALI ADVENTURE’s Rafting which has reception, dressing room and safety equipments.

This is the reception. They have applicants from Russia, Australia, and Japan, so there are many foreigners.

Read and sign to the agreement paper including rule of application and insurance. They accept wider range aged people; from 5 to 75 year-old. Insurance covers differently depend on the age, so please read it carefully.

There are 6 dressing rooms. At the time of many reservations, it might be crowded, so it’s better to wear your bathing suit from hotel.

Many safety equipments. Blue life-jackets and red helmets are the mark of BALI ADVENTURE.

Look at the oar! Other companies usually use plastic oars, but BALI ADVENTURE uses the oars made by light metal.

Water-proof bag for valuables. It is made by thick cloth, and water doesn’t come into inside from the opening of bag.

I must climb down stairs. I counted steps because I want to write down on the homepage… There are about 400 steps, Be careful for the steep slope.

Arrived at the starting point! It locates on the upper stream, so the width of the river is narrow and calm.

The boats are Avon, England famous brand. Before start rafting, we take lecture about notice and how to hold oars.

This is the foot pocket which BALI ADVENTURE proud! Person who takes a seat on left side puts right foot, and person on right side puts left foot in the pocket.

BALI ADVENTURE’s guides are cheerful and they love joking and playing with water! They bring us to the fun and safe rafting.

Today’s members are 1 Japanese woman, 2 American old women, and me; 4 of us. Team GIRLS!

We see the big waterfalls where all the rafting companies passed through! SOBEK stops this place for the break point, but in BALI ADVENTURE, here is the spot for taking picture and enjoy standing under the waterfalls.
The guide, Made, asks us “Do you want to go into the waterfalls?” so we say, “YES!!” We just jumped under the waterfalls by the boat! It’s bigger waterfall comparing that I tried last time… The impact of fallen water is big and heavy!! However, I’m super excited!!
American old women also enjoy standing under the waterfalls! We gather near the waterfalls and make poses for taking picture.
During rafting, people on the other boats play with water. Everybody likes to play with oars and splashes water!! I join with them as a child!! Fun!!

We play with water a lot, and at the end, jump into the water. I cannot swim, but I wear life-jacket now! The finish point is same as SOBEK.

As BALI ADVENTURE, after climbing up stairs, we can have shower and lunch at the finishing point. I counted steps again on the way back… It’s easy slope, but I’m tired!

Receive the bag and towel which bring by bus from the reception building. I’m happy to take hot-water shower because my body is cold by rafting! Dressing rooms and shower rooms are separated for men and women. Showers are located outside,

There are no shampoo and body soap, however, if you ask, you can borrow them at the place you receive towels. Ask to the staffs around there. It’s nice information!!

The dressing rooms are in front of the shower. There is big space on the room and bench, so it’s easy to change clothes.

Rafting makes me hungry… There are so many dishes!

The steam shows that the foods are just done! Most of the dishes are Indonesian foods, but there are also salad and soup, so I would say International foods.

Taste is good, delicious!! I took foods for taking picture… but I finished them all.

Of course, we want dessert! Maybe, they make satisfied with sweets lovers!! On the day, there are chocolate cake, fruit jelly, and pan cake. I’m so sorry but drink is not included. Please order fruit juice and Bintang beer! The picture is water melon juice, Rp.25,000.


BALI ADVENTURE’s Rafting has detailed devices! I tried some other rafting companies, so I could find differences easily.
The biggest difference is the sign and character of the guide. BALI ADVENTURE’s guide gives us signs such as “row forward” and “row backward,” but not many times. So, we can have longer time to enjoy the river view. Moreover, the applicants’ atmosphere is good; we enjoy playing with water and little competitions among boats. That’s the BALI ADVENTURE; maybe, because many exciting foreigners join this tour.
Stairs are little bit… well, really hard for me. However, there is hot-water shower and tasty buffet lunch, so I was very satisfied with it! I wish I could eat more, if I had time!!
★I wore string shoes which can get wet as last time, however, we take off our shoes before starting in BALI ADVENTURE’s Rafting! So, it’s okay to wear shoes and sandals. But, we have to climb up and down stairs in both way, so I recommend to wear shoes which are comfortable to walk.

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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