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On Oct. 9th, 2009, I rode on the Bounty Dinner Cruise which stands out as yellow catamaran! Bounty Cruise offers cheaper price than Bali Hai Cruise that I visited the other day. It departs from Benoa Bay and takes the route as same as Bali Hai Cruise. I’m curious what difference is. Today’s weather is nice from morning, so I can expect beautiful sunset! Aiko reports the cruise♪


Boarding ~ Enjoy Sunset

I go to Benoa Bay by Hiro-chan car. I left my office in Jimbaran at 4:00 pm and arrived at Bounty Cruise office in 30 min. It locates near from Bali Hai office.

When I take off the car, Balinese girls welcome me with gorgeous dress! They give flower for my ear☆ Rock music is turned on in the office, fun!!

Over 100 people join this dinner cruise every day.
One after another, people arrived. In Bounty, English brochure is available, and there is a small gift shop. By the departure time, we just relax on the sofa and drink something. (drink charge needed)

Throughout the office, we can see the big Bounty ship! It’s unique shape of catamaran and yellow color body; it’s the biggest cruise in Bali.


5:30 pm, on board.
Most of the passengers are from Asia. Today, big group of Taiwanese people join and they are so exciting! In others, a few Americans, Japanese are only us. Before boarding time, everybody starts taking pictures!!

Trio-singers welcome us by music and take pictures with Balinese girls before going into the ship. You can purchase this picture for Rp.30,000 each during dinner time.
If you don’t like the shot, you don’t need to buy it, so just take one with them♪

Have a drink and canape. The 1st deck is already crowed.

The 2nd deck is still open. The 3rd deck is open-space. There are tables, so, maybe, we can have a party here!

On the 3rd floor, it’s nice view from higher place. I can see broad Benor Bay! It’s good idea to take picture before sunset.

On the 3rd deck, staff gives the life jacket instruction.

And then, sunset time is coming… It’s really beautiful sunset on the fine day.
I forget about my job for a while.


Dinner and Show time!

While I gazed intently on sunset, people around me gone to somewhere already. Yes, it’s dinner time!! I come down to the 1st floor in a hurry, and staff brings me to my seat. The seat is reserved, and there is a name tag on the table.

The buffet corner is mostly crowed. There are Salad, Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Fried Chicken, Pork and Vegetable, Fried Fish, Fruit, and Dessert, etc.

The 1st floor is like that. There is a small stage in the center, and tables are around the stage.

Just for your sample.

Comparing with Bali Hai, which had cheese and Sushi, the variety of menu is little less, and dishes are almost Indonesian food. I enjoy all main dishes. Talking about dessert, I prefer Bali Hai, though.

About ordering drink, only mineral water is free and you can ask staffs to bring it for you. You have to buy other drinks, if you want. Check the drink menu, please.

Taiwanese tourists are really exciting, so just after start dinner time, the 1st floor is changed to the disco! When I tried Bali Hai Cruise, disco time was very end of the cruise, so I’m little upset. One guy pulls up on stage, and Bali dance together!

Comedy Show partⅠis magic show. The water was disappeared on the pot!! Comedy Show partⅡ is the rhythm game. Korean and Australian passengers joined!

By the rhythm game, everybody fever, fever! Passenger has a balloon on his chest, skirt on his waist, and ribbon on his head… Wow, he is in trouble. Comedian talks, talks, and talks! He spoke mostly in Indonesian and English.
If you can understand his wards, you can have more fun.

This time, one of Taiwanese passengers was on birthday. During the show, we celebrate the person with a cake and song! It’s Asian power, I would say!!

It’s showy SEXY dance! Three dancers perform 3 or 4 kinds of shows by different costumes and different songs. It’s the fondly-remembered stage≧(´▽`)≦I can have fun☆

↓Belly Dance was attractive~ Great costume!!

Throughout the 1st deck, moved to the 2nd deck. Here you can enjoy Trio-singers’ live-music. At that time, no one around me, so they play Japanese songs. o(^▽^)o You can request your favorite song for free. The 3rd deck is dark and quiet. Couples spend their own time. I can see beautiful lights on the other shore. Enjoy the night view for a while, we went back to Benoa Bay around 8:30 pm.


10 days ago, I joined Bali Hai Dinner Cruise. I compared two Dinner Cruises, so please take a look at it. (However, dinner menu and passengers are changed time by time. Read it as just for your reference.)

Both cruises take same route, so there is no change for the view. If it’s good weather, you can enjoy sunset in both cruises!

Bounty has more Indonesian-style food, but both cruises offer delicious food. I like dessert, Bali Hai’s tarts.

Very different. Bali Hai had passengers from Japan, America-Europe, and Asia, etc. broader nationalities. On the other hand, Bounty had big number of Asian passengers (Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia), and not many American-Europeans or Japanese.

Bali Hai is romantic and cheerful. Bounty is more lively and exciting with other passengers.

【Conclusion!】 If you prefer romantic mood and quiet atmosphere, you choose Bali Hai . If you want to be excited with other Asian people, you choose Bounty.

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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