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The quick silver company has embarked to the moyoogyou nusapenida island and the day cruise on May 11, 2009. Cruising from tanjung benoa to nusapenida island and toyopake bay. A plenty menu like the free activity that can be done with pontoon (floating island) and the stroll etc. of the village has been actually experienced. It is good to get the beer peacefully enter the sea and spend it actively good in the sundeck. Having entered the sea two has experienced in Konishi and still weak.


Still weak Tanaka

It starts because of the unfortunate weather. The wave was high or the intoxication stop was drunk for the first time in former thing. It is in the reception desk, and drink one that worried obediently, please.

Let’s eat before breakfast, the pancake, coffee, tea, the orange juice, and the ship begin to move immediately when stepping onto the boat. It ate completion lightly just good.

First of all, it is an explanation of the life vest when beginning to move. There must be one person or more, and the staff who can speak Japanese must hear it was not possible to understand when there is a Japanese though it is basic English.

It immediately went to a semi-submarine when arriving at pontoon. It comes here taking the skiff. The fish that was beautiful the sea, and crowded food looked usual.

The inside is such feeling. It rounds slowly in surroundings. withers still mysteriously in the sea though it is not actually because of diving in the sea.

It is feeling actually seen. The alga and the shellfish, etc. that personally shook to the bottom were beautiful though the fish was also so.

Next, it goes to the toyopake village again by the same skiff. It gets excited because it is a land.

Because the turtle has not been closely seen, it has observed it though there is some temperatures fluctuate in the expression of a bold cheers pose and me of the turtle.

The cockfight was done. The chicken is good and I hated am not good. The feeling of the cockscomb and the foot is a hated reason. However, do the collect round and the people in Taiwan and South Korea had gotten excited considerably if they noticed.

It returned to pontoon, and it decided to make it to lunch before it crowded each other. It was betrayed in a good meaning though it buffeted. The abundance of the variety of the kind and the menu was good. I did not think that I was able to be also of course delicious the taste, and to eat tuna’s slices of raw fish.

The kind considerably dished up a lot of complete ranges to the one center that ate because it was a little impossible. 11:30 It is lunch time until 14 o’clock. When it enters the sea and a small belly becomes empty, it is glad to be able to eat again because time is considerably long.

Entering in the sea for still weak leaves to Konishi, and concentrates on taking a picture. Not entering in the sea also has the massage. It is 10$ considerably cheap during one hour.

Underwater corridor. The person who is doing snorkeling soon on it is about 5m is seen. Not entering in the sea is safe in remaining put on clothes because it doesn’t get wet.

It returns to the ship at about roughly 14:30. Tea time before return is left. It settles down by hot coffee the mind. The return is live performance & karaoke contest. It rose considerably. It felt admiration for the staff of a skillful art.


The first cruising. Let’s often take sleep, and go by the fine physical condition the day before because ships shook more than it thought. It is disadvantageous in various meanings not to be able to enjoy doing physical condition .

Well, entering might be naturally more interesting though it catches a cold personally until the day before and it is careful, and did not enter the sea. It was limited to do if not entering, and the people of about 90 percent had entered the sea.
However, it is also good that not entering spends luxurious time of massage when the beer is drunk, it eats seafood, the sea breeze is bathed in, and it becomes tired. Please spend it by how that oneself has to spend it.

In cruising, the wind is felt in the whole body when the most much laddering and it is recommended because it is pleasant. Point of ship of popular taking a picture point. The person who took it by mimicking Thailand also saw a lot.

The point of this cruise is a place where it goes to nusapenida. It is during non-.. daily life, and I think that I can enjoy it because the sea is after all beautiful, and I stay in the floating island. I want to enjoy the version that enters the sea if there is this time a chance.


Seasickness konishi

Because it clears up, it is ..drizzle..
however mostly in the morning dully safe.
In the intoxication stop,
the business mind accepting and inboard.

When embarking, the photograph is taken with elder sisters of Bali clothes. Buying it with Rp.40,000 at the return also. There should be worn something because the ship divides into a room and an open deck, and the room is considerably air-conditioned.

The first floor seat.
The table is not, and is feeling like the seat of the bus in each seat. This day is an almost full number of passengers. Securing the seat is an early person winning. The second floor seat and the third floor deck seat of the person who wants to enjoy cruising quietly are recommended.

The entertainment team piles up the cruise inside by various performances. The sea weed sea weed and Konishi : the guest ・・・ The state of apparent death already. It ..taking a picture.. ..Tanaka.. hibernates leaving because it is a state that seems to be returned when peeping at the camera zzZ.

And, it arrives at pontoon of nusapenida island. No work surukkyaari though it still gets drunk. The staff is recommended, and to going to the tour of the stroll in semi-submarine → toyopake village first of all. The toyopake village was along the sea, and saw Gunung Agung from the beach clearly. It such is near surprise, and Mt. Fuji very for a moment.

It put it because it dared not to have recorded in Tanaka’s report. It is possible to take a picture of commemoration by trying on Bali clothes in the toyopake village. ..losing.. ♪ of forgetting own camera

Konishi from whom it goes up to land and feelings become bagusu considerably, too. Kubaya was dressed. It is trying on, a cockfight visit of this Bali clothes, a sea turtle, and the commemoration taking a picture is the main viewpoint.

A lot of souvenir shops also are lining up in the village, and the one that can be bought only here is not and is not recommended so much because no fixed price system.

It challenges in pontoon and it challenges is easy to return.. marinsupotsu. Such a small pool is in pontoon for a small child, too.

It advances to the snorkeling corner with underwater glasses, the life vest, and the fin. It is ♪ that brought the underwater camera this time.

Transparency of seeing from on ship to bottom of the sea.
It is not free blue, and a very beautiful sea that green near emerald green drove. It is positively more beautiful than the sea around the resort of Bali.

Underwater camera shoot. Sea on nusapenida island

It is possible to enjoy it by the favor of snorkeling within the range to be put the rope. It went up to pontoon, and the ocean water treatment was bathed in.

The following are water slides. The speed doesn’t go out so much though it seems to be early. The life vest is indispensable because it falls in the sea. By the way, it slipped four times to take this photograph.

The end is a banana boat of the unlimited ride. With the couple in one person because it is what. It rounds and it returns in surroundings of pontoon with . There is no thing on purpose dropped (^^).


Konishi is the first cruising. Were it able to enjoy completely that the sun went up when arriving at nusapenida island, and feelings when moving improved though it was dying in the ship of going?-

After all, the sea on nusapenida island is beautiful. Because food is not scattered, either big and small fish are full below of the surface of the water soon. It can enjoy scenery in water also in a semi-submarine and a corridor in the sea though seeing in snorkeling personally is the highest.

It is greatly crowded, and rush to the standby doing and the dish in a gorgeous lunch buffet, please at 11:20 when becoming a peak. Smoke goes up in the belch out then and there in the fresh-water shrimp and the squid by barbecue. The combustion setting up is ..delicious.. it…

If everything is conquered, it is unexpectedly busy because there are a lot of activities though it thinks the day cruise from the morning to the evening considerably calmly seem to be able. The recommendation course goes previously in the semi-submarine crowded because of the back, and : from a semi-submarine to the toyopake village as it is. Because the lunch buffet starts when going to the stroll tour and returning to pontoon, it is a course of enjoying marine sports after it eats lunch.

A lot of Japanese and the Europe and America people must be little overwhelming group in Taiwan and South Korea. the passenger in first the feature of the quick silver…return especially… ) ..holding live performance & karaoke contest.. ..thermal fuggy.. ..(.. ..laugh..It shows courage, it is also good to do the participation participation, and is sleep ..reserving the seat on the second floor.. ヽ(”..person who wants to take a rest slowly… )

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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