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On Aug. 24th, 2009, we went to Dolphin Watching organized by PT. Bali Coral! You might not know dolphins are living in Bali, however, there are many spinner dolphins living around the sea of Bali. Manager Mami joined this time, Aiko & Takumi, three of us went to there. Enjoy our impressive reports meeting dolphins after overcoming seasickness!


That’s A LOT!! by. Aiko


8:15 am, we arrived at PT. Bali Coral, just 10 min. away from our office. It’s really nice weather and getting hot today! There are some other tourists, and happy-face staffs are ready to go♪

Here is the beach that PT. Bali Coral own. Usually, sea water is coming into the beach on this picture. However, today is a low tide so sea shore moved far away. They couldn’t sail from here, so we moved to the port by car in 3 min.

Here is the port, where Quicksilver’s cruise also sails. This speed-boat is ours♪

PT. Bali Coral’s instructor can operate boat and find dolphins also! We have to walk in water when we ride on the boat, so it’s not good idea to wear long pants.

There is a small deck (?) in up stair! Wow, staff will find dolphins with good eyes. Exciting~!

I love this view, like Bali, ya. Today is good weather and good condition♪
Wish not having seasickness! We are on board!

The captain is cool marine-boy with tattoo. Offering to God of sea.

Going to the southwest along the sea shore. We could see the big resort area in Nusa Dua. The big hotel on the picture is Nikko Bali! “Camel Safari” is also held on this beach.


There is a bench on the back-side of the boat, but we care about splash and safety, we have seats on the front-side with roof. There is no seat, actually, we sit down on the big facility box.

Talking about rolling of the boat… yeah, it rolls badly!! Maybe, it is speeding 60 to 70 km/h. Up and down by big and small waves. If I say in a positive way, it’s an attraction in a leisure land… Manager Mami and Aiko shout sometimes.

It has passed for 1 hour since we sailed. We changed rout and place, but we still cannot find dolphins. We just see bubbles of wave. We are wondering that dolphins really live here?!! Moreover, the boat is… rolling badly, especially, the engine becomes low or stop. Oh, I feel sick…

Finally, somebody says, “I found dolphins!” I might be able to see or not… It’s just wave, isn’t it? But, I could catch dolphin like figure on my camera!

Once finding the swarms, just going closer to them. The distance by dolphins comes to closer, now, we can see them clearly.

Dolphins—–!!! That’s many!! 10, 20… over 100?!!

I was not interested in dolphins for now. But, I was really excited to meet them!!! Dolphins swim freely and come closer to us!

I was really impressed by the wild dolphins! They swim energetically, and their back was shining. They come closer to our boat, pass and jump and… they swim like guide us. I could see big jump which I only knew in the aquarium!!

Dolphins are really curious. They welcome the stranger boat and play together. Looks cheerful! We could enjoy seeing them for 30 min.

I wanted to say thank you for dolphins, they come really closer to us and entertain us. I’m really happy for today! Because I was too excited to see them, my seasickness was gone, and we went back to Benoa☆★


Ohhhh~ it was fantastic, Dolphin Watching! I’ve heard about spinner dolphins in Bali are shy so they don’t come close… however, they are not! They were just a few meter from out boat. They swim freely in wild nature. I could touch bless of nature after a long absence. Regardless of seasickness, I recommend you to go!!
By the way, you cannot always see the wild dolphins. When you apply the tour, wish you could meet them, but you might not. The boat is rolling badly, so usually, most of people have seasickness. It’s not necessary to wear bathing suit, but you should prepare the wearing which you don’t care to wet because you will be wetted by splash during on board.


Mysterious Dolphin by. Takumi


We are on board the speed-boat, “DOLPHIN WATCH.” It was good weather, and we were excited to go.

My understanding of dolphins by the day
1. clever
2. cute
Just a few impression.
Aiko told me a few days before; dolphins are mysterious animal, and their life is still under the investigation.
Anyway, I was pretty much interested in dolphins.

Going to the sea and slow down speed of the boat, and we looked for dolphins. I knew that we might not meet them, so I waited with expectation to see them. For now, my seasickness is not severe, yet.
At that time, I heard the voice, “I found dolphins!” and I turn my neck to that way… Oh, there! Even they are short number, good to see them.

Oh, no, they are not short number, many. DOLPHINS. I could hear their voice, “kyuu-“ and they moved like make fun of us.


Because of wave, because of seasickness, I believed that about 100 dolphins came to see me.
Wait, I’m not sick.
So, then…



It was my first time to see wild dolphins. It was really good experience, and I became calm after I saw them.
Through wild dolphins living in the sea, I considered many things somehow. By the way, I didn’t have seasickness. Recently, I often have chance to ride on ship, so maybe, I got used to it.


Comment from Manager Mami

I wished I could join the Dolphin Watching once!! To meet my loving dolphins, I joined with Aiko & Takumi (≧▽≦) Wow, wow, wow, I was super happy to see dolphins what I saw on the picture!!!

However, comparing with Aiko and Takumi who are still young and often go out to collect news,
I usually working in my office and aged over 30-year, so I had to endure seasickness all the time. We rode on the speed-boat, so it was okay while speeding, but once it slow down speed or stop engine… it rolled badly, and I was knock-out.

If you are not get used to ride on ship, you should be ready for seasickness. However, you cannot endure the sickness anymore, feel free to release yourself and poke your head out to the sea. Staffs get used to see such a sickness people, and they don’t care too much. So, you don’t need to worry about making them care for you.

In additional information, the chance to meet dolphins is depend on weather, so today was lucky day.
Surely, it’s great experience to see dolphins regardless of seasickness!! Anyways, I was really really impressed by the meeting with dolphins!

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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