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Is Bali famous for fishing? Fishing beginner, HIRO-Chan staff, Aya went on a sports fishing trip by 8 hours chartered boat with a famous captain, Baco and other HIRO-Chan inspection staffs! Let’s go to get GT in Indian Ocean!
Check out by a male view! Fishing Report by Maru


Here We Come! HIRO-Chan Fishing Crews

This is not an evening! The inspection staffs had to be at the office at 6:00am!

Serangan Surf School came to pick us up on time!


There was no traffic jam in the early morning! We stopped at a store to get some drink and snaks on the way. It took about 40 minutes to get to Serangan Surf School Office from Jimbaran!


We checked in and filled out the application form at firts. The sunrise finally began! It was around 6:50am.

You can leave your bags in the locker. Please keep your valuables and a key for the locker with you.


If you add the snporkeling plan as an option, you will try on fins here. Smaller size is recommended preventing not to remove under the water.



Even though you have your fishing tackles, bringing them to Bali with you might be painful? But no worries! You can rent all the fishing equipments at Serangan Surf School Office (1set / $50)!!

Look at this man with the black leather jacket! This is the captain, Baco who has known fishing spots around Bali. Some profishermen from abroad name him as their guide! Of course, he was our guide for the exciting fishing journey!

There are various fishing equipments in the office. For me, they were all looked same, but the inspection staffs who have some knowledge about fishing were checking them out seriously!

I recommend taking a medicine for seasickness before the departure. BE CAREFUL! Indonesian medicine is normally stronger! The staffs who took the one from Indonesia had to fight against drowsiness later on. (The one in the photo is around Rp.10,000)


Beautiful Sunrise!! That’s why I love Bali!

Soon after we enjoyed the sunrise, we went on board! Early morning is the best for fishing!

Here is our fishing boat! “Kaisar III” It was smaller than I expected.

Toilet on the boat. It is kind of similar with the Western style one. The paper wasn’t provided. You can enjoy the ocean view from the toilet. Wait!!!! That means peope can see inside! LOL!


The cockpit on the second floor has a fish detector. Fishing crews take guests to the best point on that day with the detector and their knowledge!


Here are our fishing crews!! Nick, Captain Baco and Made (from the left). They are tanned!

“Get GT!!!” We were all hoping so. It was around 7:30am, so we would be back around 3:30pm for the 8 hours charter!


The office staff, Wayan who always helps our inspection of Serangan Surf School saw us off.


Where is GT? Casting & Jigging Fishing

The swell was big and strong on that day, so the waves hit the boat.




11 Years Experience!! Captain, Baco has been guiding not only the fishing point in Bali, but also Lombok, Sunbawa, Komodo and so on! How cool he is!! He was looking at the ocean quietly even though the water hit him!


The swell was big, so the captain canceled to go to the main point, “Batu Apa” in Lombok. However, he promised us to take us the best point to get GT!

Made and Nick were preparing for the fishing! Check out the lures! Depending on the weights and the shapes, each one moves different under the water.


It took about 40 minutes to get to the 1st point, “Ceningan” for Casting.


The crews used a casting lure called “Popping” to catch GT!

Trew the lure out about 30m far by using the whole body! Nick moved the popping like a real fish swimming and waited until GT showed up.

Here is a pattern of the casting movement: “Throw a Lure→Pull→Reel”

Made was also challenging on the front of the boat!


The crews have to have a quick judgement! Once they gave up in a point, they moved the boat many times in the same area to fish in the best spot!

At the 4th point “Mangroove”, they canged a fishing style to jigging. It seemed using physical strength a lot!

Captain, Baco was also going jigging! His move of the fishing rod made the strong sound!



About 2 and half hours had passed since the fishing began. We haven’t gotten GT yet.


Finally! GT Coming!



Thank you for being patient and reading this report until now. YES! The exciting moment finally came!

The fishing rod of Made got something! It was pulled harder from under the ocean!! ” What is this?” We were having the same thought…



The battle, Made vs. a mysterious fish began! He kept reeling over and over!

From under the ocean… Something was coming up…

GT!!! You can see the fish shape! How big?

Getting closer! It finally came up on the surface of the sea!


All the inspection staffs got excited! Photo! Photo! Photo!

Made took out the lure. GT: about 10kg & 4 years old

Wow! It has a great punch when we looked at it closer!


Check Out, Ladies! Coral Fishing

After the exciting and thrilling moment to meet GT, we all tried Coral Fishing using small shrimps! They will bring fishing tackles for casting and jigging, but also coral fishing!

HIRO-Chan mens staffs! You can seel their serious attitude, right?

Again! Made caught a fish by coral fishing! Our staff got oen as well!


We released the fishes we caught, but kept the 3 red ones for tasting!


Snorkeling & Lunch Time


I usually cannot help myself not jumping into the water if I come to the ocean! Finally the snorkeling time near Nusa Penida came! You can rent the equipments including a towel with additional $10.

Safty is NO.1! Of course, I wear a life jacket. Spit on the inside of the goggle to prevent a cloud.



The clear water made me more excited to jump into the ocean!

You can see starfishes and fishes in the bottom of the ocean even though the depth is over 10m!

The fishing crew, Nick brought us starfishes from the bottom! They were harder than I thought.


Enjoy the oean by fishing and snorkeling! It was such a great weather, so being in the water made me refreshed!


Before getting back on the boat, take off the fins which makes easier to climb up.

YES! I was waiting for this as well!! Japanese wife of Serangan Surf School owner cooked this lunch box! Tasty daily lunch box and drink is $15!

You can drink 2 kinds of drinks from Mineral Water, Sprite and Coke! We also brought a 1.5L bottle of mineral water.


The beautiful weather made the lunch more delicious! It might be not enough for men and people who have done snorkeling. There is nothing to complain for the taset!


Fishing Challenge!



After the lunch, I tried casting. At first, Nick taught me how to hold the fishing rod.


One finger has to pick the fishing line. It wasn’t painful, but all the crews wore a glove.


Make sure no one is behind you! Threw the fishing rod from the back to the side!


“AHHHHH!” It made me want to scream! It was much heavier and more difficult to threw the lure far.


“Don’t worry if you couldn’t do it well, because this is your first time trying!” by Nick. I should be happy to be able to try fishing in the beautiful ocean!

I also chalenged jigging at the other point. I was confident with my physical strength, but so hard!!!! My arms started shaking after the second challenge.


Hold the fishing rod under the armpit and move it up and down by the arm! It was unbelievable to see all the crews doing this movement smooth!


Back to Serangan!

At 3:30pm, we were back to Serangan! We saw people fishing with the net on the way back.


It was a long day trip. Going back to the office without energy anymore.

They can cook the fishes you caught with extra charges. The price depends on the size of the fish. Those 2 fishes were Rp.50,000. They were soft and delicious! Of course, we ate them all!


The adventure ended! We headed back to HIRO-Chan Office in Jimbaran by the colorful Serangan Surf School vehicle. I got tired by the 8 hours adventure, but had a greta time!


Spending Time on the Ocean All Day Long! Great Plan for Fishing Lovers!

I had never spend this long hours on the ocean! It made me tired at the end, but gave me a great opportunity to try sports fishing and snorkeling in the beautiful Indian Ocean. Hope you also have this lifetime morment with the experienced captain, Baco and the great crews to catch GT!

One thing you really need to be careful about is your health. The boat rolles hard by the swell, so you might get sick. I don’t usually get sick by any vehicles, but took a medicine just in case. Also the sunshine is unbelievably strong, so don’t forget to bring a hat and sunglasses. Enjoy the fishin trip with the best health condition!

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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