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Banjar Spa Photo Report | Bali spa

April 11th, 2012. The No.1 new hot spot in Kuta “The Banjar” has all the entertainment such as relaxation, gourmet, culture experience and shopping ! We visited the spa “Banjar Spa” to try 3 hours treatment in the gorgeous couple room!


The Latest Spot in Kuta “The Banjar”


We, Maru and Koni are sensitible about the latest information in Bali. The Largest Spa is open on Raya Kuta Street in Kuta! The big news made us excited! Let’s visit the newest spa by their new courtesy car!

This is outside apperance of The Banjar! You can see only a few parts of the building fom the photo above. There are a spa, a theater and a shopping area in the back. It takes about 40 minutes from Nusa Dua, 20 minutes from Seminyak and 90 minutes from Ubud.

It is located between Kuta and Seminyak, so has a great access to go shopping from there!

A restaurant BASE CAMP becomes a club at night!

There are not commercial buildings around. Only a few local warungs are in the area.

The lobby is on the back of BASE CAMP. It is like a large hotel lobby! The open-air feels great! The brown and beige couches were soft and comfortable.

The interor decoration and the staffs’ uniform provide rich atmosphere! Tasty welcom drink of Lemon & Ginger Tea.

You will pay the fee and fill out the application. The staff service made us very good. All the staffs have a name tag which is very rare in Bali! It tells their high quality service.

Let’s go around The Banjar area before the treatment begins! Check out the largest spa in Bali!


Single Room (91 rooms)

The 91 rooms are on the first floor of the building. 91!! That’s a lot! The entrances for each room does not have doors. They are separated by curtains. Be careful! People can hear if you snore!

All the single rooms are 3m×6m and a same design. Look at the treatment bed! It has only a mattress on the floor which is like a traditional Japanese futon on tatami style. Each room has a bathtub and a toilet.

This bathtub is big enough for one person!

You will sit here to take Foot Bath at the beginning of the treatment.


Twin Room (28 rooms)

The second floor has a twin room area! It made us surprised at the size of the rooms and the facilities!! YES! It is very wide! The actual room size is 5m×10m.

The beds and the bathtb areas are separated by glass! A couple can see each other from each room! It is perfect for loved ones, isn’t it?
This twin room which reminded me of Japanese Tatami style is free to use until the end of June!

The bathtub is also large! If you choose a course including Flower Bath, this is the one! The many fruits infront of the front are not included!

Here are the samples of Banjar Spa treatment products. They all look fresh and tasty! Koni tried “Dead Sea Mud Treatment” later.


Check Out the Facilities!


This safty box is large enough to put a wallet, a cell phone and a camera. Please keep the key with you during treatment.

You can put your clothes in the bamboo basket. The thin black item is a unisex paper underwear.

I recommend bringing and wearing a bikini to take spa treatment. I tried this paper underwear above this time, but didn’t feel comfortable.

The gentle fragrance was from aroma oil. You will change to the flip-flops.

Massage oil for Body Massage. The teapot container are very cute!

The gown got a high point! Each spa use a differnt material for gowns such as towel and cotton. Their smooth gown like silk was very comfortable! It made me feel rich!



You can use a hair dryer if you request!


BASE CAMP Restaurant


The Banjar will have total 3 restaurants, but two of them are still under the construction, so we visited only the one called “BASE CAMP”. It is a restaurant, but changes to a lounge at night and a club at midnight! The inside is decorated by black and brown which is same with the spa.

Base Came is like a smaller version of Hard Rock Cafe. They were playing rock and dance music!

This is the Club Version at midnight! The workaholic inspection staffs visited the club one week before! The atmosphere is totally different from daytime! There were many locals having fun!

Ok. We finished the tour of The Banjar, so let’s move on to the treatment!


Dead Sea Mud Treatment by Koni

Dead Sea Mud Treatment (3hours)
1.Foot Bath / 5min
2.Mud Pack / 20min
3.Heat Wrap / 20min
4.Shower / 5min
5.Body Massage / 90min
6.Cream Bath / 20min
7.Back Massage / 5min
8.Bath Time / 15min


Foot Bath / 5min

Today’s therapists, Mala and Fitri welcomed us! After putting the clothes in the bamboo basket, we changed into the gowns.


Foot Bath on the modern Asian style couch. They gently massaged our foot and scrubed the heels in the warm water with rose petals.


Mud Pack / 20 min – Heat Wrap / 20min


Next, take off the gown and lie face down. Dead Sea Mud is famous as the one a queen of Egypt, Cleopatra used regularly. The melted mud like chocolate was applied on the back, arms and legs. Then, lie on the back and do the same thing again.

Regular body pack wraps a body by cloth and dry it, but Banjar Spa is different! This secret heat wrap covers your body to warm it up and impregnate the essence of beautiful skin which the mud has!

It is about for 20 minutes. The therapist made me drink water which was great hospitality. They don’t leave you alone while the heat wrap! Head and Facial Massage without oil made me feel the time flied!

After the heat wrap, you will wash off the mud by shower. You can take a shower with the paper underwear on or with a salong they provide. The therapist is cleaning up and preparing for the next massage, but the room is separated by glass, so I felt little bit uncomfortable even though no one was staring at me.


Body Massage / 90 min

The 90 minutes long massage is next! The oil is “Eucalypyus” which has cool sensation fragnance.

A technique of Body Massage by The Banjar is very original! They use elbows to press the massage points and use arms horizontally to smooth up the back. The therapist, Fitri told me that it is a mix of Javanese and Balinese styles in English! The perfect strength was the best relaxsation! Sorry! I really enjoyed it even though it was for an inspection!


Cream Bath / 20 min – Back Massage / 5 min

After the dreamy moment, Cream Bath is next. Even though you normally need change into a gown and sit down on a chair, or go to another room, surprisingly they provide it not on the chair, but the mattress in the same room. The cream was “Aroe Vera” which can be used for all types of hair.


Bath Time / 15 min

The end of the treatment is Flower Bath! It is not a regular flower bath! Flower & Fruits Bath with oranges, limes, grapes and many coconut leaves.

All the inspection staffs were surprised at the fresh smell of the oranges in the room! You will wash off the cream with shampoo by yourself to end the course. Thank you very much for the relaxing massage and the great hoipitarity, Fitri!


Volcanic Basalt Stone by Maru

Volcanic Basalt Stone (3hours)
1.Foot Bath / 5min
2.Massage / 55min
3.Facial / 15min
4.Stone Massage / 60min
5.Foot Massage / 30min
6.Bath Time / 15min


Footbath / 5min

At first, they explained Foot Bath in English. (This is a good service!) The temparture of the warm water was perfect to remove tiredness.


Massage / 55min

Massage with “Lavender Oil” was done on the mattres on the floor by a therapist Mala from Java. I do not usually prefere strong massage, but this strong one rid out of my tiredness! She was good at speaking English, so I didn’t have any problem to communicate.


Facial / 15min

Next is 15 minutes Facial which made muscles of my face relaxed.


Stone Massage / 60min

Stone Massage with Basalts is for 60 minutes. The stones are warmed up in the 50℃ warm water by a machine.

Press and slide the stones with oil on the body.

Sliding the stones along the muscles on the back felt great! My body became warm and I could totally refreshed.

After laying face down, you will lie on your back on the 13 stones placing like the photo above and take the same massage.

I recommend this strong massage especially men. As you can tell, the stones were pressed on the back until I got the red spots!


Foot Massage / 30 min

While laying on the stone, Foot Massage was applied for 30 minutes. This package has a great “push” massages.

Try this “push” massage if you want to ease muscles and remove tiredness!


Bath Time / 15 min


Bath Time (15min) is at the end. It has oranges, lemons, limes, rose petals and leaves of coconut in the bathtub. The smell of the orange are very refreshing. Enjoy ginger tea and lemon glass tea to refresh yourself from inside!


Meal at Restaurant after Spa!

Let’s go to a restaurant, BASE CAMP after the spa course!

It was around 2:00pm. Inside of the restaurant was little bit darker, but it made the atmosphere calmer.


We had lunch at the counch table.♪

・Mashroom Soup
・BASE CAMP Shef Salad
・Spring Chicken
・Crispy Pork


The dishes are creative and the taste is similar with Western dishes at cafe.
The rich mashroom soup and crispy pork which is sweet cooked pork are my favorite! They are planning a package include a spa course and the luhch, so don’t miss it!

Even though we spent over 5 hours for 3 hours spa and lunch, it was still around 3:30am! You can still go shopping or join Kecak Dance Tour in Uluwatu Temple!
Their grand opening is at the end of June. The information of restaurants on the second floor and culture and boutiques will be up!


Great Middle Class Spa

Comment by Koni

Everybody has a different expectations for spa such as a price, a location or a techniques. This “Banjar Spa” is recommended for anyone who care about “treatment rooms” and “rich taste”.
I do not like the chepest spa, but a reasonable one with good treatments, so this spa was perfect! Their new large treatment rooms has a bathtub, a toilet and a shower for each! This is a great point, because a whole course can be done in a same room! Also, the price is good!
However, The areas of the treatment bed and the bathroom is separated by glass, so if you are ok with being seen by others such as therapists or friends who come together, there is no way you want to miss this spa!


Comment by Maru

The spa is located between Kuta and Seminyak, so it is recommended visiting before or after shopping! You can enjoy strong “push” massage in the large treatment rooms.
The number of the spa providing treatment courses with cheap prices has been increasing, but a spa like Banjar Spa which is not too cheap, but expensive will be a good treat for you.
They will have a grand opening at the end of Jun. A new area has cultural experience courses to make Balinese art, Batik and silvers. If you spend time in Kuta or Seminyak for shopping or meals, visit The Banjar as well!


Comment by Tatsu

The building was just completed, so of course, it is still new and the rooms has modern Asian atmosphere! A mixture of traditional Balinese culture and modernism are well expressed in the building even though the surrounding area does not have Balinese atmosphere.
A restaurant, BASE CAMP has various ways to enjoy as a restaurant and a night club at night! The dishes with simple seasoning are rich and tasty multinational food, so all the people will be able to enjoy them!


Comment by Soe

The total number of the rooms at the spa is surprising! The rooms are along the passage which made me think being at a hotel! The room design is very original! The matresses on the wooden flooring will bring a new spa experience to you!.
The techniques of the therapists were something I have never seen! They combine both Balinese and Javanese massages techniques using a whole body which are rhysmical. It looks very relaxing and made me want to take a spa course as well! Their high quality service that the manager is confident about, treatment in the calm private atmosphere and a fact which is the largest spa in Bali are the reasons we can recommend the spa to you!

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