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SPASSION Detox (2.5 Hours) report | Bali spa

On December 9, 2009, I visited the calm exotic spa in Nusa Dua area, SPASSION! It is the brand new spa that was opened in 2009 by the former owner of Martha Tilaar Spa. SPASSION locates the convenient place along by-pass, however, secluded building is really quiet and calm. The spa is popular for taking high quality treatment in the oriental atmosphere. This time, I tired “Detox” course which is good for recovering from daily tiredness!


Visiting SPASSION!

SPASSION locates in convenient place along by-pass. It takes just 5 min. from Nusa Dua area.

It’s the antique building surrounded by bush… I’m excited as I step into the different world!!

The building site is rectangle shape and deep inside, and it’s 3-story building. The 1st floor is the reception & gift shop, the 2nd and 3rd floors are the treatment rooms. It’s quiet that I cannot believe locating along with by-pass, the building site covered with bush, so I would say that it’s calm adult spa…

Finish check-in at the reception, take the treatment counseling while drinking Welcome Drink. Welcome Drink is cold tamarind, which is Jamu Drink that has the slimming effect. Um, it’s thick and sweet and sourer taste like traditional Chinese medicine!


After check-in, go to the treatment room through the 2nd floor lobby. As the contrast to outside, there are exotic interior inside. I think the atmosphere matches to the name, “SPASSION.”

Here is Foot Massage room! It’s modern and relaxing atmosphere. Foot Massage chair is very soft cushion and comfy to sit down!

This is the Couple Treatment Room. Is it a palace?! How neat treatment room!

Salon. Taking Cream Bath, shampoo and blowing in here.


Healing Moment… Detox (2.5 hours)

It is the Single Treatment Room. Vermillion and cream color interior has the exotic atmosphere and it made me feeling as a princess! To be honest, it is the most beautiful treatment room comparing with other spas I visited before!!

Behind the curtain in front of the bed, there are the bathtub and the steam chair. The room is made by stone and it’s romantic atmosphere.

Not all rooms, but almost all the rooms have i-Pod, and you can choose your favorite BGM! It’s really detailed service!! I chose Spa Music.

It’s a fancy aroma oil pot!! Everything neat in the spa, even such a small item. I want it! Therapist goes out from the room, so changing clothes and wearing the paper underwear and salon. Put clothes and belongings to the key locker.

These are products for today’s treatment. Coffee Scrub powder and Essential Oil, etc. These tray and ceramics are also cute!

She is the therapist today. She looks like a veteran therapist. Nice to meet you! Treatment starts from Foot Bath. In warm water with Bath Salt, massage foot from heels to calves.


◆ Bali Coffee and Sea Salt Scrub ◆

Try Bali Coffee and Sea Salt Scrub. The product is mixed powder of Bali Coffee and Sea Salt, and makes it paste with water just before the treatment. The scent of Bali Coffee that I drink every morning fills the room!


Lie down on stomach, put scrub paste on legs, back and arms.
Turn over, and put it on legs, arms, stomach, decorate. It contains salt, so it’s sandy touching.

After finish putting the paste, swipe off water by the sheet, and start scrubbing each parts of the body.


This is my second time to try scrub.
Last time, I didn’t feel like my skin was polished because of too soft touching, but it’s really nice massage this time!!

While absorbing water of the paste to skin, old horny substance is peeled off with coffee powder. Scrubbing is good massage!

Scrubbing whole body, and refreshed skin! Take shower to rinse off the scrub powder. And then, go to Steam directly. Sit on the chair in the steam for 10 min. It’s cool up to neck, but the inside is really steamed, so whole body is warmed from inside.


Ah, it’s hot! I cannot stand anymore!! Then, it’s finished.
I sit on there just for 10 min., I’m really sweated. It’s detoxification!
Supply water to drink Mineral Water that the therapist prepares for me.


◆ Oregano & Juniper Oil Massage ◆

60 min. Oil Massage. It’s whole body massage. Scents of Oregano and Juniper Oil make feel refresh.


Look at this massage technique. I can expect slimming effect also!!

The strength of massage can be changed, so request “softer” or “stronger” etc. I feel good for the massage that along with blood circulation. At the end, I fell asleep into dream…


◆ Body Mask & Clay ◆


Oil Massage is finished with good dream. Last one is “Mint and Green Tea Mask & Detox by Clay”!!

Apply the mask that is made from powder products with water.

Put watery mask to whole body.

Waiting for 10 min., go to Bath Soak. It is the best treatment this time, Herbal Detox Bath Soak!

It’s filled with thick bubble!!!! It’s good, little bit high water temperature! Herbal powder makes body warm that is cooled by AC. The bubble is thick and sponge-like, so it wouldn’t be gone. I enjoyed Bubble bath time with hot ginger tea!!

I took my time to take a bath, and went back to the room. There was the questionnaire; evaluation of service by therapist, cleanliness of treatment room, quality of products, etc. I checked “Good” for all sections! I was really satisfied with the special atmosphere and detailed service by staffs!!

In this course, not using flower or strong scent aroma oil, but using natural products such as Coffee Scrub and Clay, so it’s recommended for not only women but also men who want to refresh skin. Thank you very much!


EXPERIENCE REPORT : Detox (150 min)
1. Foot Spa (5 min.)
2. Bali Coffee & Sea Salt Scrub (40 min.)
3. Shower (5 min.)
4. Steam (10 min.)
5. Oregano & Juniper Pure Essential Oil Massage (60 min.)
6. Mint and Green Tea & Magnetic Clay Skin Detox (15 min.)
7. Herbal Detox Bath Soak (10 min.)
8. Herbal Cellulite Body Lotion (5 min.)

* This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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