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Oil Massage (Queen Rose Spa) report | Bali spa

In Dec. 10st, 2009, we tried “3 Hours Queen Rose Oil Massage” which is in HIRO-chan’s most popular menu, Marine Package! This course includes Body Massage, Shirodara, Scrub, Facial, and Rose Bath within 3 hours. You can choose one in 2 kinds of Massage and Scrub, and you can enjoy popular Shirodara! Aiko & T-Manager tried.


Inside of Queen Rose Spa!

Queen Rose Spa is near place from Jimbaran by-pass. It’s in the residential area, but Spa building is luxury! Shuttle cars are all black and glisten! There is green-grass garden inside. Spa and villa is built face by face.

Here is lobby & reception. It’s modern atmosphere with white wall and brown color-based furniture. In Queen Rose Spa, staffs can speak English, and English information is also available.

Today, Japanese staff gave us the course counseling. Having Welcome Drink, (100% orange juice!) and choose kinds of Massage and Scrub here.

【Oil Massage Course】
◆Lavender Foot Bath 5 min.
◆Massage 60 min. (choose 1 in Balinese/ Aromatherapy)
◆Scrub 30 min. (choose 1 in Strawberry/ Coconut)
◆Shirodara 30 min.
◆Facial 35 min.
◆Rose Bath 30 min.

Aiko chose Balinese and Strawberry. T-Manager chose Aromatherapy and Coconut.
Let’s go to the treatment room~☆


Oil Massage – 3 Hours Healing ♪

This time, we tried the couple-room. 3 couple-rooms are in the spa. Beside 2 treatment bed, there are the dresser and washstand, and over the washstand, there are bath-tab & shower room across the glass wall. There is no WC in the room.

Put belongings in the locker in the room, and change clothes to bathrobe. Put clothes in the basket under the locker. Start from foot bath. Clean legs with lavender salt and peppermint oil. I love this fresh scent of peppermint!


◆ Balinese Massage 60 min. ◆

Lie down on stomach, Balinese start from right leg, left leg, back → turn over, then, right leg, left leg … and going on. Massage by palms, tombs, joint, and fist. Pressing, pushing, stretching, tapping… Expert therapist is well-knowing the points!

It’s strong pressing massage, but hands movement is smooth and rhythmical by using oil. I asked twice, “lebih kuat (stronger)” It was really powerful massage! I love it! 60 min. is long enough for enjoy massage.


◆ Scrub 30 min. ◆

Continue to the Body Scrub. Strawberry is popular among women, and it has effect of getting rid of old skin and care damaged skin after sunburn. Coconut is popular among men, and it has effect to improve skin’s newly-cycle, and it’s good for dry-skin. Aiko chose strawberry.

Scrubbing cream is usually rough touching, but the cream used in Queen Rose Spa is smoother touching. When putting the cream, the sweet strawberry scents fill the room! When putting the scrubbing cream for whole body, cover by cloth and absorb water, then, wipe off. I feel good wiping with strength. My old skin is off now.


◆ Shirodara 30 min. ◆


After scrub, continuing to Shirodara. Put lukewarm olive oil by using the special equipment. While taking it, the therapist move the place of equipment, so the oil absorb to hair which is damaged by strong sunshine.


◆ Facial 35 min. ◆

For Facial, use cucumber. Cucumber is effective for any kind of trouble skin. The treatment goes Cleansing→ Oil Massage→ Face Pack→ Cream. Most of the products used for care are from natural material and hand made. After the treatment, I was refreshed by taking off oil around forehead and wings of nose. It must be good for sunburn skin.


◆ Rose Bath 20 min. ◆

When I finished Facial, the Rose Bath was prepared. Rinse scrub and oil, then going into the bathtub… ★
The rose Bath with lots of petals. At night, it would light-up and have romantic atmosphere. It’s your choice that you enjoy alone as a princess, or take it with your partner. It’s fabulous!!


This is the third times report of Queen Rose Spa. I always satisfied with clean rooms, good facilities, and great service of therapists. It’s the spa for tourists to try!

The Oil Massage that I took this time includes Massage, Scrub, Shirodara and Facial. I was wondering, it might be busy course because it has many treatments. However, we didn’t need to move room to room, and therapists took care of everything, so no need to worry about anything!! I could spend longer relaxing time comparing with I expected, and I enjoyed three kinds of treatment, body, head, and face♪ Actually, not many package including both head and face…

The last one, Rose Bath, also wonderful with the marble-style bathtub and the red rose petals! If you want to try many kinds of Bali esthetic, want to care head and face, this is your course♪

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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