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Theta Spa Summer Breeze report | Bali spa

On May 8, 2010, I visited the stylish and fashionable spa, and their popular menus use refined products such as coffee beans and fresh chocolate; Theta Spa! Theta Spa is in “Ramada Bintang Resort” of Kuta, and it is the best location of ocean front. There are “can see the ocean” ocean view spas, however, it’s rare that the spa locates “in front of ocean.” This time, I tried “Summer Breeze 2 hours” which is made for HIRO-chan!


Visiting Theta Spa!

Today’s covering starts from evening, so I left my office at 4:00 pm, and arrived at Ramada Bintang Resort at 4:30 pm. Ramada Bintang is the 4 star-class big resort hotel, and it locates very convenient place and also near from Discovery Mall.

Broad entrance. Throughout the green garden to the ocean.

Arrive at Theta Spa next to the hotel pool. The thatched roof and white wall is natural and stylish. The spa is overwrapped to my imagination of the fashionable spa from the picture, and I’m really excited to get into there.


At the reception, staffs welcome us with soft smile. White and blue uniform is nice on them.

↑ View of lobby(*photo by Theta Spa)

The spa building is almost all open-air. Outside garden is really wide.



Looking up ceiling, there are unique automatic fans are moving.

Each object is photogenic! I cannot just pass there because they are very neat, and now, picture time. 10 min. later, finally, I arrive at the lobby.

The lobby is also awesome!! There are off-white wood sofa and blue cushions as accent color. It is the space like blue sky in sunny day.


Ocean side of the lobby is open-air. There is a pond and sand beach in front.

Here is the drink counter. I have good impression to staffs’ service.

You can taste juice, tea, and cocktail of seasonal fruit. (pay drink)

Welcome Drink is fresh guava juice. It’s good taste of juice!

On the counseling sheet, fill out about strength of massage, allergy, and skin type.


Detailed counseling by staff.

In the course today, choose Body Massage from Island / Therapeutic.

Island Massage is similar to aromatherapy, and it enhances relaxation with soft touch. Therapeutic is little bit strong pressure, and it’s recommended for who want to remove body tiredness. I chose Therapeutic.

Next, choose the oil for massage from 2 kinds. “Bergamot” for refresh mind, and “Lavender” for relaxing. The oil is made from soy beans 100% organic, so it’s not sticky. I chose Lavender.

Then, choose Fresh Juice while taking Flower Bath. From Pineapple/ Lemon/ Orange/ Strawberry, I asked Strawberry. I cannot wait!


Today’s Menu: Summer Breeze (2 hours)

  1. Welcome Drink & Towel
  2. Island Massage or Therapeutic Massage 75 min
  3. Theta Foot Massage 30 min
  4. Flower Bath 15 min
  5. Fresh Juice
  6. Theta Gift Present


Introduce Treatment Room & Facility!

Before start treatment, photo touring in Theta Spa! I imagined the big size spa, but it’s cozy spa than I expected.

The white building surrounds the courtyard, and there are 6 single rooms, 3 twin rooms, the foot massage room, and the salon.

There are 4 single rooms on the 1st floor, which you cannot see the ocean from these rooms. In 4 rooms, 2 rooms with bathtubs and others have only shower. This room has only shower.

Shower Room has the floor covered by stones. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are prepared.


Climbing up stairs to the 2nd floor. There are 5 treatment rooms; 2 single rooms and 3 twin rooms. All rooms have big windows and they are ocean view rooms.

This is my first recommendation, Twin Room (VIP 1)!
The treatment room is the biggest, the most fashionable, and the greatest view that I have visited, and it looks like a room of Designers’ Mansion. Intentionally, I shout, “I want to live in here!!” You don’t need to pay extra to reserve the room, so first come, first get. Please let us know “reserve Twin Room (VIP 1)” when you apply.

The biggest Bathtub that I ever had! Glass wall Shower Room.

Frangipani on the treatment bed. Clean and neat shampoo stand.

Everything matches in the space.

Frangipani fragrance from diffuser. You can purchase it on the lobby.


Relax on the sofa.



Back to the 1st floor, and go to the glass wall Foot Massage Room.

There are 10 chairs in the massage room. It has calm and relaxing atmosphere.

On the left picture is Garden View and the right picture is Ocean View. In the evening, you can see beautiful sunset of Kuta Beach if it’s good weather.

Next to the foot massage room is the Salon. Use the Salon if a room doesn’t have a shampoo stand and take treatment menu, such as Cream Bath.

Whitewash wall, green tropical plants, interior in some places, etc. it’s the stylish and natural space where I can feel relieve. Create extra room in the building, and it makes us feel more space there.


HIRO-chan Original! Try Summer Breeze

After I enjoy the healing space of Theta Spa, start treatment. Today’s therapist is Gudi, who has 6-year experience as therapist. She is also the trainer, so she must be really professional!!

I have good impression with her, “Excuse me, we move to the room now. Please follow me.”


This time, as their special offer, I use Twin Room (VIP 1) which is usually for 2 people use!

I can take spa in such a great room!! Thank you so much!


Therapist leaves the room, so change clothes and wear paper underwear and salon. Put clothes in the wooden locker with key.

How cute salon that matches to the spa atmosphere. Salon is the important item; I’m excited if it’s cute, but I feel sorry if it’s just a plain cloth.

Cool color salon has silky touch. You can purchase it for $18 at the lobby.


◆ Therapeutic Massage 75 min. ◆

For 75 min. Massage, you can choose Island or Therapeutic. Island Massage is similar to aromatherapy, and it enhances relaxation with soft touch. Therapeutic is little bit strong pressure, and it’s recommended for who want to remove body tiredness. I chose Therapeutic.

It’s around 5:30 pm; the massage starts in the little bit darken room. BGM is shamisen music, which is rare BGM choice in spa and the melody is Japanese song! I’m healed.

Lie down on stomach, and first, finger pressure massage with covering by salon. I can feel strong pressure on my waist and shoulder spots. Yes!

There is the big window over there, but the ground covered by small stones is the roof of foot massage room. Don’t worry, there is no person.

Floating yellow flower and stones under the pillow side.

Before she applies the oil on me, she explains, “Excuse me, now start putting the oil.” Thanks for her! I can feel relieve if she explains beforehand.


Super therapist Gudi is not only heartfelt but also good at massage! The point, massage, and strength are all perfect, so I don’t need to request anything!!

Again, it’s shoulder blade massage that I experienced in Talaga Spa on the other day! Along the bone, press the stiffness spots. It’s nice massage!!

Throughout legs, back, shoulder, arms, and hands, back-side of whole body massage for 40 min. It’s strong massage, so it’s recommended especially for who have upper body tiredness.

For the rest of 35 min., whole body massage throughout legs, arms, stomach, decollete, arms, and fingers. Meanwhile, cover eyes by cotton with cucumber essence. It’s getting dark outside and it’s time of the end of day. I feel sleepy!


◆ Theta Foot Massage 30 min ◆

When Therapeutic Massage is finished, I go to WC. But, it’s in the room, so I can feel easy and just wear salon. It’s nice to have WC in the room. BGM is changed to “Shima-uta” which touches to Japanese spirit. Great selection of music.

With wearing salon, continue Theta Foot Massage. I thought that I might move to the foot massage room, however, the room wasn’t changed.

There is foot massage for Therapeutic Massage, but it is different style of massage; Foot Massage is stronger and press harder. In this 30 min., I felt my feet were released tiredness and my body was warmed by improved blood circulation.


◆ Flower Bath 15 min ◆

It’s finally Flower Bath Time! The square bathtub is really big and it may try family bathing. Therefore, start filling hot water when the treatment begun.

The basket is fully filled with “Pacha” which is in Canang or the offering of Bali Hinduism, and I’m excited again!! Great service, isn’t it! Gudi put flower petals on the water. Awesome!

All girls love the gorgeous Flower Bath with lots of petals!! Comparing among spas that I have ever tried, the gorgeousness of this Flower Bath is as same as The Amerta’s Club Amerta Package The temperature of water is not too hot and not too tepid, just good. As you can see, it’s shallow bathtub, so I can enjoy long bath time without having a rush of blood to the head. Take lots of pictures!


Gudi brings Strawberry Juice in just a good timing, and she waits outside of the room. 100% Strawberry Juice just made in the drink counter has lots of strawberry seeds and sweet.

The cold drink is really tasty for little sweat body! I’m very luxury feeling surrounded by petals with Strawberry Juice!! However, I feel lonely in this big bathtub… Please try Flower Bath with couple♪

While drinking the juice, my body is warmed. I take a shower again and change my cloth; then, I finished 2 hours “Summer Breeze.”


Theta Spa Light-up at Night…

It’s past 7:00 pm; it’s already dark and Theta Spa has the romantic atmosphere with light-up by orange lights.

At the end, fill out the questionnaire. This time, I check “Good” for all sections, that is my first time perfect evaluation!!

Theta Gift which is included in the package is white and blue cute micanga♪ Gudi gives it to me with the word, “I pray for you that the micanga brings you happiness…” Thanks.

There are neat Daybeds near the ocean side in Theta Spa. It’s beside beach and you can see the ocean over there in daytime. It’s good idea to spend relaxing time after treatment, and enjoy slow time with another fresh fruit juice. Thank you very much.


Postscript of Theta Spa…

The 23rd times Spa Covering! Aiko’s Impression

I saw their great pictures comparing other spas that are on HIRO-chan’s site. I have been curious about Theta Spa, and I was wondering, “What kind of spa it is… Are all pictures real?” I visited there with high expectation! My impression is excellent, as I checked all “Good” in the questionnaire!! The atmosphere, unordinary space, cleanliness, service of staffs, room, product, and therapist’s technique and care; all high quality and perfect! Especially, the atmosphere is wonderful; it’s neat space that is stylish but natural. The room is colored with white base and light color, such as sky blue and beige, etc. and it is filled by relaxing atmosphere and bright cleanliness. It made me imagine blue sky and white cloud, and I felt comfortable to just be there. However, if you seek the traditional Bali atmosphere and profound high quality, you might not prefer it. Theta Spa is the all excellent spa as my evaluation, and with my confidence, I can recommend you to stay here in one day for your day of Bali!

※This report was written based on the information when the time of visiting. Course menu and schedule might be changed without notice. In addition, the report contains individual opinion and impression, however, these are not applied for all people. Please read it just for your reference. Thank you.


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