Bali Coral Restaurant & Facilities

It is the guide of facilities of Bali Coral company performing Malin sports.
Only Malin sports can have you enjoy a meal and teatime at a restaurant in the case of the use. Please order it on that day.

Marine Sports in Bali Coral

What to Bring for Marine Sports
Bring them if you get into the ocean
Bathing Suit Changing Cloth
Bathing Suit
(recommended to wear under your cloth from hotel)
Changing Cloth
(prepare all clothes including underwear)
Bath Towel tention
Bath Towel (no rental towel) Enjoy Bali!
Convenient Goods
Camera & Video Sun screen
Camera & Video Sun Screen
small money  
Small Money (for dring and snaks)  
Restaurant at Bali Coral.
Restaurant at Bali Coral.
The beach front of Bali Coral
The beach front of Bali Coral. You can use Sun chair freely.
Table Seat Fried Rice
Ocean View Marine Pack Lunch1. Fried Rice
Fried Noodle Sandwich
Marine Pack Lunch2. Fried Noodle Marine Pack Lunch3. Sandwich
Changing Room Changing Room 2
Changing Room Changing Room 2
Locker Locker 2
Locker Key
Toilet Toilet 2
Toilet Clean
Shower 1 Shower 2
Shower 1 Shower 2

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